Celebrity Shame Shack: Alex Rodriguez Is Way More Deserving Than Most

Welcome to Celebrity Shame Shack where we cut, break and shame the world’s biggest celebrities to pieces. In the Shame Shack this week is MLB star and steroid enthusiast: Alex Rodriguez.
Rodriguez is known as one of the greatest baseball players in the modern era, but today, he is merely a juiced up joke of his former self.  A-Rod is currently serving a record 211-game suspension for pumping more human growth hormones into his body than the Incredible Hulk.
As if that wasn’t bad enough, Rodriguez’ legal team recently admitted that he paid 300 grand for evidence linked to the very Biogenesis scandal he was at the center of.  Apparently, the guy is also a cheater off the field and we haven’t even delved into his personal life yet!
It was reported that A-Rod would frequently hire ‘ladies of the evening’ to service his rod, while Rodriguez’s female companions remained completely oblivious to this ‘curbside servicing’; including his estranged wife.
And to boot, everyone in his luxury high-rise, thought he was a total dick.
So to A-Rod I say, “SHAME ON YOU!” for tainting the great American past time and for thinking you could get away with it. But most of all, shame on you for breaking poor Cameron Diaz’s heart.  Now take a seat in the Shame Shack, because you have definitely earned it!