Brandon Meriweather's Comments Are Harsh, But Hopefully They Wake NFL Up

The Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins haven’t faced one another since Week 8, but the war of words between these two clubs has just begun. After getting his bell rung by Brandon Meriweather last week, Brandon Marshall took exception to the hit and claimed that dirty players like Meriweather should be kicked out of the NFL for playing so barbaric.

Meriweather’s hit on Marshall was so brutal that it earned the ‘Skins’ safety a two-game suspension, which was later downgraded to just a one-game ban. Moreover, the Washington defensive back was asked on Monday how he felt about Marshall’s rather harsh sentiment. Well, the usually loud-mouthed Meriweather didn’t disappoint as he hearkened back to Marshall’s past by throwing an insult the wide receiver’s way by saying this:

“He feels like I need to be kicked out of the league? I feel like people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out, too.”

Shots. Fired.

You can debate all you’d like about whether or not the Meriweather comments are fair, but he did say something that any NFL fan can appreciate. After numerous fines and suspensions, the Washington safety is starting to wise up and says he will attack the knees rather than the head.

Well, Roger Goodell is going to have a giant mess on his hands when player’s careers are being ended at the hands of a torn ACL if something doesn’t change.

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