Everybody Needs to Chill About Tom Brady's Throwing Hand

“The New England Patriots only won by 10 points and Tom Brady didn’t throw for 300 yards! The world is ending!”

Did that sound silly and ridiculous to you? Well, you’re in the minority because everybody and their dog is freaking out about Brady’s hand, which has to be injured since he only threw for 116 yards and one touchdown. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

Folks, the Patriots beat the average-at-best Miami Dolphins and Brady only had to throw the ball 22 times to do it. That’s a good thing. Just because this overrated system quarterback isn’t winning games for your fantasy team doesn’t mean something is wrong with him.

Brady and Bill Belichick both said after the game there’s nothing wrong with the hand and the quarterback didn’t avoid any handshakes in the locker room. Heck, Brady even slapped a reporter on the back before taking the podium. Then when asked if his hand was injured, Brady looked at the reporter like he had four heads.

Folks, it’s possible to win football games without throwing for 300 yards. Believe it or not, football was played before the forward pass was even added as a legal play. Brady and the Patriots are 6-2 and there’s nothing wrong with his hand. Go find something other ridiculous myth and O-M-G about that. Good grief, man…

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