NBA: Rant Off MVP Pick, Dark Horse Contender, Finals Prediction

The 2013-14 NBA season is here and now that we’ve had a look at Derrick Rose in real game action following his extremely long ACL tear recovery, we can predict what will happen this year. So we’ll take the essentials: MVP, dark horse title contender and 2014 NBA Finals prediction.

For starters, everyone needs to simply understand that LeBron James will win the MVP again this year. Whether or not he should win the award is irrelevant because the NBA is determined to make him the next Michael Jordan, even though that’s impossible. Now that that’s out of the way, the other players who should be considered for the award are Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. If the award is truly goes to the most valuable player (which it rarely does), these two players mean more to their respective teams than words can say.

Dark horse title contender is tough to predict this year because of all the drastic roster changes in the league this offseason. But two teams that stick out are the Minnesota Timberwolves and Atlanta Hawks because the former team is finally healthy and is very well-rounded while the latter is revamped with new players and a hot new coach in Mike Budenholzer. Watch out for both of these squads in 2013.

It’s fun to think teams like the Chicago Bulls might challenge the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference this year, but let’s be real: LeBron and company will be back in the finals for a fourth straight year. The Western Conference is a little different because it should be the Oklahoma City Thunder since Russell Westbrook should be back alongside Durant for a title run. But in the West, you just never know.

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