Top 5 Joey Chestnut Eating Contests

Eating contests range from co-workers putting down nachos at a bar after work until they puke to professional eaters who eat their weight in drenched hot dogs on television. While the former can be more entertaining, the latter is considered an actual sport, and no, we’re not here to debate the validity of it. You can do that while arguing with you sister-in-law about whether cheerleading is an actual sport, although cheerleaders are awesome in their own right, but especially those who are extremely athletic if you get my drift.

So how about the greatest professional eater of all time? (How cool would that title be?) Joey Chestnut is just that as he can put down more hot dogs in one sitting than most overweight uncles can in a whole summer of backyard barbecues. So without further ado, check out the video above of Joey Chestnut’s top five eating contests.

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