The Top 5 Strangest Sports in the World Will Leave You Speechless

The world is full of really, really weird sports, and they are loved by few, laughed at by many and looked at strangely by all. Seriously, there are so many sports in the world that you’ve probably never even heard of half of them. Here’s a perfect example: Does bog snorkelling ring a bell?

No, that’s not a typo. It’s spelled differently than the typical snorkeling that you’re used to and the actual sports is nothing like what you and the family do on a beach vacation.

How about kaninhop? Nope? Well what about bo-taoshi? Still not ringing a bell?

If those aren’t crazy enough, try ferret legging and extreme ironing. Yes, those are real sports that have competitors in random parts of the world who put forth as much effort in participating and cheering as the Baltimore Ravens and their fans did in winning the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Just watch the video, but make sure there’s a soft spot on the floor for your jaw to land.

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