Celebrity Shame Shack: Richie Incognito

Hey there, everyone and welcome back to the Celebrity Shame Shack! This is the place where we put the world’s biggest celebs under a giant microscope, blow them up, and then cut them down to size! Today getting their star on the Walk of Shame, we have Richie Incognito of the Miami Dolphins!

Incognito is widely regarded as being one of the toughest and hardest working-offensive linemen in the NFL, however his most recent allegations of hazing, bullying and intimidation have landed him and the Dolphins in a caldron of shame.

Incognito has recently undergone a hellfire of scrutiny since his vulgar and racially charged voicemails to fellow Dolphin Jonathan Martin were leaked to the public. And rightfully so, as Incognito antics are normally reserved for a high school cafeteria, not a professional football franchise.

While it would be one thing to say that Incognito’s harassment of Martin is simply part of the hazing process that every NFLer goes through, Incognito has shown throughout his career that he is dirty player both on and off the field. And with this long rap sheet of transgressions, comes great shame!

While at Nebraska, Incognito found himself suspended on multiple occasions for fighting, and he was dismissed from his brief tenure at Oregon for failing to adhere to the team’s conduct policy which – for him – included anger management classes!

In 2009, Incognito was waived by the St. Louis Rams after demonstrating his best WWE impersonation and head-butting two Tennessee Titans players in the same game! And from 2006-09, Richie garnered more unnecessary roughness calls [seven] than anyone else in the league!

Combine his history of violence with that fact that he is perpetually named by fellow pros as one of the dirtiest players in the NFL, and it is evident that Incognito’s most recent transgressions are not an isolated incident but part of a long pattern of outlandish and childish behavior.

When he was asked this week to comment on his current situation, Incognito stated that he is currently, “just trying to weather the storm”. Well to you, Richie Incognito, I say good luck because you, my friend, are the storm — the storm of shame! So on behalf of Jonathan Martin, I leave you this voicemail:

Shame on you, you big piece of [expletive] [expletive]! I hope someone [expletive] you in your [expletive] mouth and teaches you a lesson about respect! Now take a seat in the Shame Shack you [expletive] face, because you earned it!