Nick Saban Blowing Smoke With “Old” Comments, Will Leave Alabama for Texas

There’s been a lot of speculation about Nick Saban possibly leaving Alabama, even though it’s likely the Crimson Tide will win a third straight BCS National Championship this year, which would make four in the past five years. Think that sounds crazy? Guess again.

Saban’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, has already said the iconic coach would consider leaving Alabama only for Texas and from his comments, it’s obvious that Slimmy Jimmy wants Saban in burnt orange, and he should. Saban may have worked wonders in Alabama with two incredible quarterbacks and a few solid defensive classes, but he knows that 2014 will be like starting over, so why not do it where the recruiting trails are the richest in the country?

Take what Saban has done at Alabama — which is more than most coaches do in a lifetime — and multiply that by five. That’s what you would have with Saban at Texas, the program with the deepest and widest recruiting net in the nation. Every kid in the Lone Star State dreams of growing up to play for the Longhorns and with Saban dangling championship rings and NFL stardom in front of them, he’ll have the kids lined up at the door to play for him in Texas, just like he does now in Alabama.

Don’t let Slick Nick’s “old” comments and commitment remarks fool you — he dropped the Miami Dolphins like a bad habit in 2007 and with AJ McCarron and virtually his entire defense leaving after this season, he’s seeing the green pastures of Austin with Sexton’s help and once he arrives in the state capital of Texas, all bets are off.


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