Video: Top 5 Backyard Wrestling Fails

Everyone knows a guy who swears by his grandmother’s grave that WWE and other professional wrestling organizations are “real.” You know that guy, right? He’s the same one who believes in UFOs and wears his lucky socks that he thinks help his team win, even though his team hasn’t made the playoffs in a dozen years and it’s been even longer than that since those socks were washed.

But maybe you know the same guy who actually tries the fake wrestling moves he sees on TV in his backyard. He’s got like $20,000 worth of doctor bills, right? A broken arm, ruptured spleen, a metal plate in his forehead and screws in both ankles, huh? Well fortunately for him, he’s not alone. We say fortunately because misery loves company…or so we’re told.

Please enjoy the video above, which includes the best (or worst) backyard wrestling fails from the Internet. Be sure to show your buddy to make him feel “better.”

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