Steve Nash’s Injury Recovery Plan Sign of Major Changes to Come for Lakers

Well, it didn’t take long for the Los Angeles Lakers‘ season to start off badly and it things went from bad to worse even faster. Steve Nash is hurt yet again and he’ll miss the next two weeks with nerve root irritation. Considering the Lakers’ plan to get the 39-year-old point guard back on the floor, a new era of L.A. basketball could be here sooner than we thought.

The treatment for Nash’s nerve root irritation is an epidural block, which is the same remedy he tried during the Lakers’ playoff series against the Spurs a few months ago. The team has already admitted the problem was never fixed and they’re not trying to fix it now — the epidural block is simply to make Nash feel better so he can get back on the floor faster. Does that sound like a team planning to make a run at the NBA Finals? Didn’t think so.

Nash isn’t the only star missing for the 3-5 Lakers; Kobe Bryant is still recovering from Achilles tendon surgery, so the Lakers are now without their two starting guards. Their short-term plan to get Nash back on the floor suggests they are already in panic mode and just trying to stay in the playoff race with the season only two weeks old. At this rate, don’t expect this old, hobbled team to stay together very long.


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