BCS Could be Shaken Up by Jameis Winston's Sexual Assault Allegations

No one knew about it until now, but Florida State quarterback and Heisman Trophy hopeful Jameis Winston was accused of sexual assault last year. Although he hasn’t been charged and the investigation is ongoing, a blip like that this can absolutely derail the perfect season Winston and the Seminoles are hoping to complete.

Now the University says Winston is innocent until proven guilty and his status as the Heisman frontrunner on Florida State’s football team hasn’t changed. As long as he’s not charged or convicted, that will remain the case. But if he’s found guilty of this charge, his Heisman chances and the certain guarantee that Florida State will play in the BCS National Championship Game will go up in smoke.

Now again, Winston hasn’t even been charged and there are conflicting reports as to whether the December 2012 case was already closed and this is just someone trying to dig up old dirt from Winston’s past. Until now, he’s been perfect both on and off the field as the ideal student-athlete with no reason to believe he would sexually assault another human being. Until there is hard evidence that proves otherwise, all of the potentially terrible things that could happen to Winston and FSU are just wishful thinking by fans of teams lower than the Seminoles in the BCS standings.


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