Troy Aikman Clueless About Johnny Manziel's NFL Success

Troy Aikman was one heck of a quarterback during his day, but after winning three Super Bowls, the Dallas Cowboys legend must have suffered one too many concussions before being inducted into the Hall of Fame. When asked about Johnny Manziel’s potential NFL success on Thursday, Aikman said he has no doubt Johnny Football will succeed at the next level.

C’mon, Troy! Out of everyone talking about Texas A&M’s water bug quarterback, you would think Aikman would have some sense. But again, head shots from 300-pound defensive linemen in the pre-no-touching quarterback era will make you say some crazy stuff.

Aikman cited the fact he watched Manziel play against Alabama this year…and that’s the basis for his scouting report. Well he must not have noticed in that game that Manziel can’t read a defense and doesn’t know how to go through his progressions in the pocket. He may be able to outrun defenses like Rice and UTEP, but what happened against Alabama and Auburn this year? A defense figured out that if you make him stand in the pocket, he can’t do it. And folks like Aikman think it’s going to be any different when guys like Patrick Willis are across the line? Get real, dude.


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