Gary Kubiak Should be Fired for Moronic Benching of Case Keenum

Everyone felt sorry for Gary Kubiak after he suffered a ministroke at halftime of his team’s Week 9 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. But after Kubiak’s moronic decision that cost Houston its winnable game against the Oakland Raiders in Week 11, he should be kicked out of H-Town for good.

Case Keenum has been on fire ever since receiving his first NFL playing time due to the process of elimination. He had the Texans in three straight competitive games after the team lost five in a row with Matt Schaub under center. Then in a three-point game against the Raiders, Kubiak randomly put in Schaub and the result was familiar: a game-ending interception in the final moments.

Andre Johnson and Texans fans had the same reaction: Frustrated screaming at Schaub, but that anger should be directed at Kubiak, who is an absolute idiot for sticking his neck out for Schaub. Keenum gave Kubiak a chance to save his job, but the recovering coach just threw it away for no reason. That kind of stupidity warrants an immediate pink slip, no questions asked.


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