Jim Schwartz Is a Fool, Should Be Fired After Benching Reggie Bush

Jim Schwartz is easily the most idiotic head coach in the NFL.

This guy is always in the middle of controversy and continues to embarrass himself at nearly every turn. The Detroit Lions could have really separated themselves in a jam-packed NFC with a win in Week 12, but instead the Lions showed well, why they’re the Lions and choked away a must-win game versus the hapless Pittsburgh Steelers.

Not only did Detroit blow a 27-20 halftime lead, the Lions were held scoreless in the entire second half — versus Steelers, who posses one of the worst defenses in the NFL for crying out loud! And if that wasn’t bad enough Schwartz thought it a good idea to bench Reggie Bush. Really? Bench the team’s best running back and arguably the most explosive guy in the NFL? That just doesn’t’ make any sense, and it’s no wonder why the Lions didn’t score any second half points. Call me crazy, but just because Bush fumbled twice doesn’t mean he deserves a first-class seat on the bench.

Putting Bush on the sidelines cost the Lions a huge game, and it’s something that should all but put an end to Schwartz’s time in the Motor City.

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