Vince Carter Hits Nail On Head With Comments About Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard has been called a bunch of things in his NBA career. In particular names like diva, coach-killer and drama queen have also been used to describe the infamous seven-footer. However, Dallas Mavericks guard Vince Carter called Howard something on Wednesday; and man, its just perfect!

After hearing No. 12 bicker with officials left and right; Carter finally had enough and referred to Howard as the “biggest crybaby he knows.” Now, Carter isn’t one to do a ton of trash talking, which makes this story even better. Let’s be honest: Howard is a total crybaby! He whines when he doesn’t get calls and pouts when he doesn’t get the ball. If Howard isn’t a crybaby then I don’t know what is — the words “Cry Baby” never fit an NBA star more than they do Dwight.

The worst part of Howard’s immaturity is the fact that the Houston Rockets actually have the talent to win an NBA Championship, but with “crybabies” like Howard on the roster; Houston hasn’t a prayer at that illustrious title.

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