Rant Off: Holiday Games Debate

Turkey, stuffing, and family. Snow, presents and Santa Claus. When it comes to the holidays, most people associate these things with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here at Rant Sports, though, the first thing that comes to mind is sports.

What’s better than sitting on the couch with family and friends, watching the Dallas Cowboys take on some random team the NFL didn’t want to waste a normal Sunday slot on. How about catching a glimpse of LeBron James and Miami Heat taking on Kobe Bryant and the glamorous Los Angeles Lakers? It’s never as exciting as we expect, and yet we still watch as if it’s the Super Bowl.

It’s all part of the holidays, and it’s something that sports fans cherish. Is that the way it should be, though?

During a day meant for remembrance and family, we huddle around the screen wondering whether or not the Detroit Lions are as bad as we expected them to be at the beginning of the season. When we should be reflecting on the sacrifices made for us, instead we’re watching Kevin Durant put up 40 points and shaking our heads every time Derrick Rose misses a crucial shot. Is that the way it should be on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Well, regardless of how it should be, that’s the way it is. But that doesn’t mean that everyone likes it. Some people think we should have less professional sports during the holidays – or none, for that matter. It’s funny if they think these greedy leagues will opt to leave that market untapped, though.

It’s a hot topic as the NFL and NBA continue to expand their holiday schedules, but the fact remains that people tune in. If they didn’t, these leagues wouldn’t put all of their big names on display.

Let us know what you think and see what some of our personalities thing about all of this holiday action above.

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