Pro Sports Leagues Need to Crack Down on Coaches Like Mike Tomlin, Jason Kidd

We’re here today with a basic lesson in sports 101: Players are the ones who compete in the game or match on the field or court — not coaches. So why are coaches suddenly interfering with play on the field and court by physically stepping onto it when they’re not supposed to?

First we’ve got Jason Kidd pretending to spill his drink to get an extra timeout that didn’t matter because his Brooklyn Nets lost that game to the Los Angeles Lakers anyway. And just in case you were wondering, he won’t be winning any Oscar awards anytime soon for his acting skills because the NBA saw right through his little trick and slapped him with a $50,000 fine.

Then Mike Tomlin pretends like he’s not watching the play on the field during a long kickoff return by Jacoby Jones and nearly runs into the returner on the field. Joe Flacco called him out on it and Tomlin smiled about it, so he’s not even hiding the fact he was trying to cheat his way to a win.

Pro leagues need to start suspending coaches before this gets out of hand because Kidd’s fine clearly didn’t faze Tomlin one bit. This type of behavior by coaches is disgusting and it should be stopped immediately.


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