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Top 5 NFL Games to Watch in Week 13

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NFL's Top 5 Games of Week 13

Marques Colston Seahawks

Thanksgiving Day made it seem like all the best NFL action is over for the, but that's not true. Sure, we had two gems in the afternoon and night games after the absolute blunder in the early contest, but those games were just appetizers for the contests ahead this weekend, even if they were on the biggest feast day of the year.

Seriously, will the real Matt Flynn please stand up? This guy broke every Green Bay Packers single-game passing record (quite the accomplishment) in his last bout against the Detroit Lions and then he puts together this Pop Warner-like performance on national television. There are no words.

Of course, the polarizing career of Tony Romo will continue as the Dallas Cowboys’ colorful signal-caller led his team to a win over the woeful Oakland Raiders, even though it was a lot closer than it should have been.

And don’t even get me started on Mike Tomlin because that Rant is over and my blood pressure still isn’t back to normal. He and Jason Kidd should start a club.

So even after all that craziness from Turkey Day, we've got the top five games for you to watch while you work off those sweets this weekend.

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5. Cardinals at Eagles

Larry Fitzgerald Eagles

The Cardinals at the Eagles is a terrific matchup between two highflying NFC teams that are both thinking playoffs after rough starts to the season. Expect to see lots of points scored in this one.

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4. Titans at Colts

Ryan Fitzpatrick Colts

The Titans at the Colts is surprisingly critical in the AFC South because Indianapolis is fading fast among the division leaders while Tennessee's playoff hopes are also looking dim.

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3. Bengals at Chargers

Philip Rivers Bengals

The Bengals at the Chargers is a quirky AFC bout between two inconsistent teams with tons of potential. Considering San Diego on a roll, the playoff implications of this game will put a lot of pressure on Cincinnati.

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2. Broncos at Chiefs

Alex Smith sacked Broncos

The Broncos at the Chiefs is a quick rematch of this battle for dominance not only in the AFC West, but the entire conference. With both teams coming off losses, there's A LOT riding on this contest.

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1. Saints at Seahawks

Marques Colston Seahawks

The Saints at the Seahawks is a likely preview of the NFC title game, so what better way to cap the football weekend than finding out who will play in the Super Bowl?