Tyrannosaurus Rant: NFL Bold Predictions for Week 15

Howdy howdy howdy my fellow Internet party animals and welcome back to TRANT! I’m your host Hank, it’s week 15, so let’s get started with my bold predictions and musings for the most recent slate of NFL games.

First up, in Sunday’s snow bowl between the Detroit and Philadelphia, Lions running back Reggie Bush tripped and fell during the pregame warm ups, sidelining him for the game.  Which is of note, as I too suffered a few snow related injuries myself this weekend.

Next up, a Kansas City Sonic has gone under fire in the past week after posting a sign urging the Kansas City Chiefs to “scalp the [Washington] Redskins, feed them whiskey, and send them to a reservation”.  When Redskins owner Daniel Snyder was asked to comment on the sign after the teams 45-10 drubbing, he responded by saying, “Scalp the team, feed them whiskey and send them to a reservation? It’s like that sign already knew what I was thinking.”

Steelers center Cody Wallace resorted to some unusual tactics Sunday as he shoved his hand up the butt of Dolphins defensive tackle Randy Starks during a scramble for a live ball.  When asked after the game why he chose to grab a handful south of the border, Wallace simply stated: “YOLO.”

San Diego Chargers’ fans showed that they are still harboring some 2004 draft day resentment towards Eli Manning as they showed up to Sunday’s game with cutouts of Eli as a woman.  Manning stated that it was all in good fun though, as it made him feel like the prettiest girl at the ball…game.

And finally, Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson got into the holiday spirit this week, as he spent over 17K on toys for children in Child Protective Services.  However, the amount was actually about 2K less then he spent this time last year, as the children this year, like Texans’ quarterbacks were only able to pick six…toys.

Well, that’s it for week 15 of TRANT everybody.  Thanks again for stopping by and be sure to join me again next week as I give you more of tomorrows biggest news, today.