Top 5 NES Sports Video Games


Video games are the new pastime of America. That’s especially true for sports fans because no matter how good or bad your favorite team is on the field/court/ice, you can win the championship every year in a simulated version of […]

Top 5 Street Performers You’ll Ever See


In every city in America (and most other countries, for that matter), you’ll see street performers at every corner and every intersection. Their talents range from swallowing swords and breathing fire to break dancing, beat boxing and spray-painting, but they […]

Tyrannosaurus Rant: Bold Predictions for NFL Week 11

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Welcome back, my cyber friends, to T-Rant! It’s Week 11 and I’m talking so open up those peepers and clean out your earholes, because tomorrow’s biggest news is coming at you right now! First up, when asked how he’s planning […]

Video Compilation: Water Ski Fails

Water Skiing Fails Feature Image

If you’ve ever gone water skiing, you know just how incredibly difficult this sport is. In fact, you’ve probably wiped out in a somewhat painful manner if you’ve ever put skis on your feet and tried to glide across the […]

Video Compilation: Ultimate Trick Shots


If there’s one thing we love more than a good basketball game, it’s one awesome trick shot. Better yet, it’s a compilation of trick shots that make our jaws drop. While there are quite a few cool trick shots out […]

Video Compilation: Best Break Dancing, Dubstepping You’ll Ever See


Have you ever seen that one guy at the party who simply tears up the dance floor and leaves everyone wowing over his moves? Well take that and multiple it by about seven and then apply that to a slew […]

Video: Top 5 Backyard Wrestling Fails

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Everyone knows a guy who swears by his grandmother’s grave that WWE and other professional wrestling organizations are “real.” You know that guy, right? He’s the same one who believes in UFOs and wears his lucky socks that he thinks […]

Rant Versus: 2007 Patriots vs. 2013 Broncos


This year, Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos are having one of the best regular seasons in recent memory averaging nearly 43 points a game. However, only six years ago Tom Brady’s 2007 New England Patriots team finished with a perfect 16-0 […]

Top 5 Weird Races

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When you hear the term “racing” you think of one of two things: racing on foot (track and field) or auto racing (NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, etc.). If you have one of those “special” imaginations, you might think of sack […]

Celebrity Shame Shack: Richie Incognito

shame shack incognito

Hey there, everyone and welcome back to the Celebrity Shame Shack! This is the place where we put the world’s biggest celebs under a giant microscope, blow them up, and then cut them down to size! Today getting their star […]

Extreme Tricking Video Compilation


If you’ve never heard of extreme tricking, it’s just tricking taken to an extreme level. Ok, seriously, it’s a combination of a lot of things that take a lot of athletic ability and one heck of a cameraman, preferably one […]

Video Compilation: Snowboard & Ski Fails


Have you ever tried snow skiing? What about snowboarding? If you have, you know just how hard those two sports can be. Well, what you and I do on the slopes is more just goofing off than it is competition. […]