Tim Tebow Exposed: Tebowmetrics (Tebow’s Stats) Suggest He Should Still be Starter

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Tim Tebow should be a starter in today’s NFL. There, I said it; and if you think differently, you need to check yourself and start having a little more faith in Football Jesus. First off, the number one priority in […]

Video Compilation: Wingsuit Flying

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Wingsuit flying is something that people mostly dream about. You’ve got the weirdos through history who built wings out of everything from yarn to real bird feathers and then jumped off buildings. The funerals that followed prevented a lot of […]

Video Compilation of Worst Basketball Dunk Fails

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The term “baptized” applies to more than just the washing away of one’s sins, at least in the sports world of the 21st century. Basketball has taken a page out of Christianity’s playbook and applied the term to those who […]

The Top 5 Strangest Sports in the World Will Leave You Speechless

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The world is full of really, really weird sports, and they are loved by few, laughed at by many and looked at strangely by all. Seriously, there are so many sports in the world that you’ve probably never even heard […]

Tyrannosaurus Rant: Bold Predictions for NFL Week 10

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Hey there, my fellow Internet party animals. Welcome to T-Rant! Halloween is sadly over but I’m back, here to give you my bold predictions and contemplations for Week 10 of the NFL season. This past week, Miami Dolphins starting guard […]

Greatest Basketball Dunks You’ll Ever See

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Through the years, there have been some incredible dunks that have left basketball fans in awe of the greatness shown by some big-time athletes. From Michael Jordan’s signature dunk to win the 1998 NBA Slam Dunk Contest to LeBron James’ […]

Top 5 Greatest Sports Video Games of All Time


If there’s one thing that sports fans love almost as much as (or in some cases more than) real sports, it’s sports video games. Even if the Chicago Cubs never win the World Series ever again, their biggest fan can […]

Video Compilation of Segway, Unicycle & Pogo Stick Fails

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If you loved our video compilations of skateboard and bicycle fails, then you’re going to love this. What better way to make morons fall on their heads than to put them on “vehicles” that are much less stable than skateboards […]

Top 5 Joey Chestnut Eating Contests

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Eating contests range from co-workers putting down nachos at a bar after work until they puke to professional eaters who eat their weight in drenched hot dogs on television. While the former can be more entertaining, the latter is considered […]

Man Up: Dez Bryant and the Latest S.A.S.

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Hello boys, and welcome back to Man Up! The segment where I tell you how to stop acting like prepubescent schoolboy, and start acting like man. I’m your host, Richard Steele. So, let’s get started, because my Japanese masseuse will […]

Video Compilation of Awesome Pool Trick Shots


You’ve probably played pool at least once in your life and unless you’re a hard-core player, you’re just like the rest of us scratching on half your shots and losing a lot of bets to hustlers at your local pool […]

Part 1 of Keanu Reloaded: Kansas Jayhawks’ Big 12 Championship Streak

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Keanu Reeves is apparently still in the Matrix, although the feds don’t want him to know that. However, it seems that he’s already aware of it, but still confused about how the Kansas Jayhawks won the last nine Big 12 […]