WWE Looking To Shave $20 Million On Production Costs In 2014

By Damian Seeto
Kane Pyro
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

The WWE Network has been an expensive endeavor, forcing the company to cut down on a lot of production costs.

The WWE Network was supposed to be one of the most successful and innovative services the company has offered in years. Don’t get me wrong, the WWE Network is excellent, but it hurt the WWE a lot in terms of cost. I feel the company overestimated the number of wrestling fans that are out there these days. Because of this, they need to cut costs.

The company assumed it would reach one million subscribers pretty quickly. They also assumed getting 2-3 million subscribers would also be achievable. However, it looks like those numbers will never be reached as they only have 667,000 subscribers at the moment. Getting to one million itself is looking like a mission now.

We know the WWE is cutting costs as 11 employees were cut last week. This is the largest number of employees released in many years. More roster cuts are expected to happen very soon.

Expensive extras are also being cut. Fandango‘s fancy entrance is gone, as is the large podium that Bad News Barrett was using. Another thing I noticed is that PPV stage areas look similar now. Payback looked exactly like a Raw and Smackdown show does. Not to mention, they only use white ropes in the ring now. I’m also guessing they might even cut pyro for some wrestlers’ entrances too …

Hopefully, things will work out for the WWE in the long term. The WWE Network is a great service for fans, but it cost a lot from the company’s own pockets and they’re struggling to see a return on the investment.

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