NBA Rumors: Steve Nash Narrows His List Of Possible Teams To Three

One of the most coveted free-agents this NBA off-season is Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash. Nash, who is 38 years old, is one of the very few players who, steroid or performing enhancing drug-free, has gotten better as he has gotten older. Nash averaged 12.5 points, and 10.7 assists per game last season while shooting 53% from the floor and 39% from the three point line. The .532 field goal percentage is the same that Nash shot during the 2006-2007 season, one season after he won back-to-back MVP’s.

So with Nash rejuvenating his career it is no surprise that many teams, including championship contenders like the Miami Heat,Oklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Lakers among others, are interested in Nash’ services. But those same teams, who will almost assuredly be in the NBA playoffs next season, may not evenhave a chance at acquiring Nash. Rumors are being floated around, via legitimate sources, that Nash has narrowed his list of possible destinations to three teams, the Portland Trail BlazersToronto Raptors, and Phoenix Suns.

Now seeing that list of possible destinations may have thrown you a bit of a curve-ball, solely because the three teams on Nash’ list aren’t exactly teams who are expected to be championship contenders next season. And at the age of 38, going on 39, how much time does Nash really have left? But at the same time the list of possible teams is not that much of a surprise for a guy like Nash.

The Suns, for instance, are the team that Nash finished last season with, staying with them for another 2-3 years would make sense as Nash is a very loyal guy. The Raptors currently play in Canada, the same country where Nash grew up, and going back to your home roots is always an intriguing factor for guys at the end of their careers. The Portland Trail Blazers, although not as bad as the Raptors or the Suns, are the one surprise team on Nash’ list. There’s no real locational connection, as Nash currently lives in New York. The only thing I could think of is that Portland, located in the state of Oregon, is just a state away from Canada.

Whatever team does wind up with Nash, whether it be the Raptors, Suns, or Trail Blazers, they will get a player who is dedicated 110% to basketball, and who never stops working to improve his game.