NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings To Decide On Relocation By Next Wednesday?

By Joshua Casey

With the Dwight Howard drama finally over there really hasn’t been much to talk about on the NBA rumors front but thankfully, for people like myself, the Maloof brothers, and their constant flip-flopping of whether or not to move the Sacramento Kings, are always around. Today news broke that the Kings could be moving to, wait for it, Virginia Beach, and no you did not read that wrong. The Maloof brothers quickly issued a statement denying what many people had thought for a while now, that the Kings would be relocating.

So while the news was quickly denied, rumors have just begun to surface that the Maloofs will indeed be moving the Kings to Virginia Beach, and that the decision will come on August 29th, next Wednesday. The decision to move, which is still a rumor at this point, and all public relations that would come with it, will apparently be handled by Virginia Beach-based Meridian Group, a marketing communications firm.

Since a $391 million deal, to finance an entirely new entertainment complex, between the city of Sacramento and the Maloof brothers fell through nearly three months ago, the Maloofs have reportedly been looking for a new home for the Kings. In addition to backing by Comcast, for a new arena, the Virginia Beach Hotel-Motel Association has hinted that they will implement a $1 increase in the hotel lodging tax. In addition to the already mentioned members involved in the reported move, the Maloof Brothers, Comcast, and the Virginia Beach Hotel-Motel Association, well-respected concert promoter Live Nation is also involved.

Next Wednesday’s rumored decision to relocate the Kings will also consist of details about a brand new arena, that is rumored to already be in the works, and will apparently be built directly across from the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Another possible hint that a deal for the Kings to move is close could be what Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms said, “Comcast, Live Nation and Global Spectrum have come to the city. They would guarantee us a professional sports team” if the deal goes through.” It certainly seems that a deal is close.


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