15 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders

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We all love cheerleaders. Let's just get that out of the way right now. As much as males (and some females) pretend that cheerleaders do not matter, a lot of us just enjoy looking at them. If that sounds sexist, it is not meant to be. It is purely a fact.

In today's edition of cheerleaders, we are bringing you 15 of the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL Football is always a good spot to find plenty of great looking cheerleaders and I think we did a bang up job of picking these ones out. There will always be people who complain about the ones we picked, but that is the nature of the web. No one is happy unless they were the one who actually did the article.

Since that tangent did not have a lot to do with these ladies, let me get back on track. Some of them are veterans of the league. Others have just started their dream job (at least I think it has to be in the top 3 of dream jobs for them) and they are looking to make a statement. Experience in this job does not matter. If you have the look, you have the look. Do these ladies have the look? I believe that they will not disappoint even the hardest of judgers.

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Lindsay, New York Jets


Lindsay is the first one to start off our list. She is a two year veteran of the New York Jets cheerleading squad and she looks like she has plenty more years in her future.

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Lauren, Denver Broncos


Next up, we have Lauren. Two year veteran with the Denver Broncos and an admirer of John Elway.

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Amy, Miami Dolphins


Amy, come on down. The Miami Dolphins vet is the next cheerleader on our list!

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Jessi Peralta, Tennessee Titans


Jessi Peralta is next up. Four year veteran with the Tennessee Titans.

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Derecka, New Orleans Saints


Next up, we have Derecka. She might be the youngest on the list, checking in at 22 years old.

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Geraldine, Seattle Seahawks


Geraldine is next up on our list. She lives in the rainy Northwest, but you can't tell by this photo.

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Michelle and Rachel, Houston Texans


Michelle and Rachel are only two twins on our list. Nothing wrong with that.

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Stephanie, Philadelphia Eagles

SOURCE: Esquire

Stephanie is next on our list. Good enough for Esquire, which means she's good enough for us.

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Nicole Buchler, Dallas Cowboys


Nicole Buchler is next. I really don't have anything to say, so just look at the picture.

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Sabrina, Atlanta Falcons

We are closing in on the end of the list. Let us all appreciate Sabrina.
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Brooke, Tennessee Titans


Brooke is a seven year veteran of cheerleading. Impressive.

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NaShanta, Baltimore Ravens


NaShanta is the big veteran of this list. Nine years is the longest tenure so far.

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Nikki Fraser, Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Number three is Nikki Fraser. Two year veteran and we hope it ends up being a lot more.

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Bianca, Seattle Seahawks


Bianca only has one year of experience, but I think that is going to change. We only have one more on our list. Who is it?

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Duyen, Houston Texans


Finally, we have reached number one our list. Duyen is a four year veteran and the champion of our list. I'd send her a prize if that wouldn't be creepy.

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