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We all love cheerleaders. Let's just get that out of the way right now. As much as males (and some females) pretend that cheerleaders do not matter, a lot of us just enjoy looking at them. If that sounds sexist, it is not meant to be. It is purely a fact.

In today's edition of cheerleaders, we are bringing you 15 of the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL Football is always a good spot to find plenty of great looking cheerleaders and I think we did a bang up job of picking these ones out. There will always be people who complain about the ones we picked, but that is the nature of the web. No one is happy unless they were the one who actually did the article.

Since that tangent did not have a lot to do with these ladies, let me get back on track. Some of them are veterans of the league. Others have just started their dream job (at least I think it has to be in the top 3 of dream jobs for them) and they are looking to make a statement. Experience in this job does not matter. If you have the look, you have the look. Do these ladies have the look? I believe that they will not disappoint even the hardest of judgers.

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Lindsay, New York Jets

SOURCE: newyorkjets.com

Lindsay is the first one to start off our list. She is a two year veteran of the New York Jets cheerleading squad and she looks like she has plenty more years in her future.

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Lauren, Denver Broncos

SOURCE: denverbroncos.com

Next up, we have Lauren. Two year veteran with the Denver Broncos and an admirer of John Elway.

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Amy, Miami Dolphins

SOURCE: miamidolphinscheerleaders.net

Amy, come on down. The Miami Dolphins vet is the next cheerleader on our list!

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Jessi Peralta, Tennessee Titans

SOURCE: titansonline.com

Jessi Peralta is next up. Four year veteran with the Tennessee Titans.

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Derecka, New Orleans Saints

SOURCE: saintsations.net

Next up, we have Derecka. She might be the youngest on the list, checking in at 22 years old.

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Geraldine, Seattle Seahawks

SOURCE: seahawks.com

Geraldine is next up on our list. She lives in the rainy Northwest, but you can't tell by this photo.

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Michelle and Rachel, Houston Texans

SOURCE: texans.com

Michelle and Rachel are only two twins on our list. Nothing wrong with that.

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Stephanie, Philadelphia Eagles

SOURCE: Esquire

Stephanie is next on our list. Good enough for Esquire, which means she's good enough for us.

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Nicole Buchler, Dallas Cowboys

SOURCE: facebook.com/dallascowboyscheerleaders

Nicole Buchler is next. I really don't have anything to say, so just look at the picture.

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Sabrina, Atlanta Falcons

SOURCE: falcons.com
We are closing in on the end of the list. Let us all appreciate Sabrina.
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Brooke, Tennessee Titans

SOURCE: facebook.com/brooketitanscheerleader

Brooke is a seven year veteran of cheerleading. Impressive.

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NaShanta, Baltimore Ravens

SOURCE: baltimoreravens.com

NaShanta is the big veteran of this list. Nine years is the longest tenure so far.

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Nikki Fraser, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

SOURCE: google.com

Number three is Nikki Fraser. Two year veteran and we hope it ends up being a lot more.

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Bianca, Seattle Seahawks

SOURCE: seahawks.com

Bianca only has one year of experience, but I think that is going to change. We only have one more on our list. Who is it?

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Duyen, Houston Texans

SOURCE: texans.com

Finally, we have reached number one our list. Duyen is a four year veteran and the champion of our list. I'd send her a prize if that wouldn't be creepy.

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  • gilgerard

    i like cheerleaders…

  • nick james

    I wonder who put this list together. Just cause she is well known doesn’t make her the hottest. I knew before I started the list it was gonna be some ordinary looking white girl at #1. F’ed up.

    • gilgerard

      Seeing as 7 of the 16 hot girls were either black or asian- I think the problem is your own.


  • quantumlocked-nightfury

    some things are just objectively sexist, whether you mean it or not. why can’t this list be about how perfectly executed their routines are, or who puts in the most time? instead, it’s a bunch of people telling these hard-working women that they are valued because of what they look like, not the effort or the passion they have for their sport

    • omaha402

      So if this list was about hottest strippers in the world would you be as butt hurt as you are now/ So now we cant even have “fun” lists anymore because this is sexist. Do you see this list on the front page of the NY Times? Give me a break, this is the problem with society in a whole, everyone is pussified, everyone gets completely butt hurt over the smallest things. So you going to call your attorney in the morning and sue rant sports, because you were ‘offended’ by this article? You knew wat this list was about when you saw the title, why even click on it if you are so easily offended? Plus I think rant sports is probably a little to racy for you. Maybe try out the Disney fan page for less intense articles.

      • quantumlocked-nightfury

        overreact much? haha this is the internet. It seems like you got a little butt hurt over a comment. on the chance that the person who put together this list should read the comments, I put in some suggested improvements for the next time. women might not be their target demographic but generally it’s bad marketing to alienate a huge part of their audience.
        And actually, yes, the issue is the same even if it is the hottest strippers. they’re still humans who do their job and should be graded on their actions, not treated like their only value comes from a primarily genetically-predetermined combination.
        it is possible to have “fun” lists without degrading a people group (one which happens to be about half the world’s population); the Old Spice commercials are all about manliness and fun but they don’t mistreat a people group to do it. The very fact that you choose the word “pussified” as an insult is also objectively sexist–that parts of the a female body are treated as weak/negative.
        I clicked on the list because I was hoping there was more to it than a name and the team she cheers for. more than a sentence stating “this girl is hot.”

        I’ll take your attack on myself to mean that you don’t actually have a valid argument or anything more intelligent to say. I understand that the internet is rarely the place to engage in discussion or offer anybody else visiting comment sections a different perspective, but silly me for making the attempt.

  • pagostoy .

    Twins Basil!

  • bob

    I was going to say they missed the best one, but apparently she isn’t cheering this year, but here is my favorite anyway!!!!!!!!


  • http://www.facebook.com/ken.smallwood.75 Kenneth Smallwood

    do y’all no why black folks don’t eat tootsie roll ? we bite our fingers

    • pukus

      Wow, nice picture of inbreds

    • JimV

      Your dim and incurious mind suggests a family tree that resembles a teplephone pole. “Gee Sis, you’re better than Mommy.” “Oh yes, that’s what Daddy says too.”

  • Butch Fenton

    Why don’t you guys just title this story “some hot cheerleaders and a chimp or two” instead of misleading everybody. This politically correct garbage in everything is disgusting, You always have to throw in the obligatory black girl. I’d rather see 16 hot cheerleaders instead of 14 hotties and a couple chimps. I mean, even black men would rather see the white girls instead of a couple black chicks thrown in to make black girls feel good about themselves.
    You could find the ugliest white cheerleader out there and she’d still be prettier than the black chicks you put on here. At least be honest in your reporting. Why lie and act like you are telling it like it is. In case you haven’t noticed, black men don’t think black chicks are too hot either.

    • Nim

      your comment is disgusting

      • Butch Fenton

        So you like fake jokers who act like they are hot for black girls, when most white guys wouldn’t even look twice at a naked black chick. Go to a strip club and watch the reaction of white guys when miss chocolate gets on stage to dance. Its been awhile since I’ve seen that, but black girls are so nasty and extra slutty to try to get SOME attention.

      • Butch Fenton

        Well, Nimrod, maybe you are just a better, or more superior person than me.
        To me, black isn’t beautiful, neither is a turd. Does that make me bad.
        Truth is never disgusting. You couldn’t put a picture of a black girl up there that would make me lust for her, because I don’t see beauty in black.
        It is what it is. Polka dot shirts don’t appeal to me, nor does fat white women, or flat shoes on females. Everybody desires white women, especially fit and healthy ones. As do I. It has nothing to do with race or hate. Personal preference is closer to the truth.

        • JimV

          After namecalling and vulgarity, now you want women to endure high heels as well. Nim was right to describe your comment as disgusting and that goes for every comment of yours that I’ve seen. I won’t speculate about your evident issues and/or afflictions, but you should be checked out. If you have the cognitive capacity to learn, hire a tutor and do some remedial work before aiming for a GED. Your pre-GED goal should be reading at a 9th grade level,or it’s fruitless to even try. In that event. for the advancement of mankind you should consider donating your brain to science in tandem with having your head examined while still existing. I’m sure a CAT scan would reveal some real anomalies when compared to a control group. You might even be become known to future neurologists for lending your namne to Fenton syndrome.

    • Justice4All

      Quit drooling, shut up and hit the next button or simply opt out. You don’t like it so much why are you even here?

      • Butch Fenton

        I must have been lured by the “beautiful cheerleader” thing.
        I’m not surprised that you claim to see beauty in black girls, some people have sex with animals. 99% of black men out there would rather have a white girl, even if they have a black wife for the black thang, they still want a white girl on the side.

        • JimV

          You should know — always borrowing Cousin Orville’s hip waders so you can fit those sheep legs in there snug with you. Or is it the other way around? Do you squeal like a pig with Cousin Orville?

          • Butch Fenton

            I’m worth 150 million dollars, I don’t have to borrow anything.
            And I have several personal assistants that would put anything you ever slept with to shame, and I make them squeal. I only hire beautiful women, they know how to get me what I want. And you can believe that none of them are black.
            So, jimmy, you don’t know me as well as you pretend to know me.

          • JimV

            It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.

    • JimV

      You’re despicable and race has nothing at all to do with beauty except for the fact that you’re ugly.

      • Butch Fenton

        If I want to see naked black women, I’ll break out a national geographic, but you can believe that I won’t be. If you clowns can look at a national geographic and see beautiful black women, then I have to consider your veracity void. You can act like black women are pretty so you can be a better person than me, but I was never one to buy into the black is beautiful crap.

        • JimV

          You’re lower than a snake’s belly in a wheel rut with your blatant racism; especially when your own origin is in Africa, Using ‘veracity’ out-of-conttext ina pitiful search for a $2 word doesn’t disguise the fact that you should first have your head examined to see if there’s any point in pursuing a GED.

          • Butch Fenton

            Veracity wouldn’t be one of your virtues. You think that I’m a racist because when I, a white man, look at black women and see masculine and ape-like features, I should feel ashamed of my perception of black females? Are you kidding me?
            When I look at a naked black woman, lust nor desire comes to mind.
            I don’t care how light skinned she is, because chocolate nipples make me queasy, I like pink ones. I see black girls in a bikini on the beach and I don’t even like to look at them because it just isn’t desirable to me. Blacks look like they descended from apes to me. Sorry!

          • JimV

            You’re beneath contempt and appear deranged or governed by your amoeba-like cognitive limitations.

            It would be much better for you to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt

          • Butch Fenton

            jimmy jimmy jimmy, I don’t like tuna fish either, it smells like cat food, and I hate cats. I don’t have anything good to say about cats or tuna fish. Tuna fish looks like cat food, smells like cat food, and probably tastes like cat food. Cats like to kill for sport, and like to crawl around on you like a bug. To me, they are a pest.
            Now you might call me a hater, or anything else, but it is what it is. As much as you would like to defend tuna fish and cats, I’m not going to change my attitude or perception, and I’m not going to talk good about tuna fish to make the tuna fish salesmen happy, or to appease cat lovers, peta, or the ASPCA.
            Now, I’m white, and black women don’t appeal to me, and their masculine and ape-like features don’t float my boat. I’ve seen pictures of Serena Williams with a bikini on the beach, and it was presented as something sexy, I was grossed out by it. To me, she looked like a female ape wearing a bikini. Worse than a cat lover sharing a tuna fish sandwich with their cat. Yuck!

          • JimV

            When did you learn to hate? And you needn’t single out someone who doesn’t deserve your ill-condiered and thoughtless remarks. Don’t understand your wide of the mark cat hatred; unless it’s the part they play to control vermin and you’ve had nothing bad to say about vermin.

            I’m interested in the fact that the less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice; and you’re a prime example.

          • Butch Fenton

            Prejudice comes from the word pre-judge, which is what profiling and stereotyping is. Profiling comes from scientific study of patterns of behavior. Stereotyping is what happens when you spend your life observing behavior and coming to conclusions based on reasoning. When you see chimps open their mouth wide and laugh, or fall on the ground and roll when they laugh, and you see those same behaviors in black folks………. well.
            And when the “bad part of town” has a vast majority of a certain race, and murder, robbery, rape, mugging, car jacking, drug dealing, littering, urine and feces in alleys, poorly maintained property, and overt look-at-me thug and gangster behavior, WELL, A REASONABLE PERSON WOULD ASSUME THAT PEOPLE OF THAT RACE ARE PRONE TO THAT BEHAVIOR. You can probably assume and stereotype that race of people, and presume that they are like that all over the world. To not profile or stereotype is naïve and dangerous. Those chimp people in the “bad part of Detroit” are probably the same chimp people in the “bad part of Chicago”. The numbers don’t lie. And visual observation is reliable unless the observer is delusional.
            If you look like a chimp – with chimpy hands, feet, lips, nose, eyes, butt, and so on……….
            If you act like a chimp when you laugh and congregate………….
            If your behavior is uncivil, violent, prideful, arrogant, confrontational, uneducated, undisciplined, immoral, and all clusters of samples seem to be identical, then it is what it is.
            And obviously, oh one whose veracity has already been voided, you can be sure that I am not fond of vermin, nor rodents , nor snakes, and prefer to avoid grizzly bears, lions, tigers, and crocodiles. Oh, and negroes too.

          • Butch Fenton

            Veracity means truthfulness, and when you say something that voids your truthfulness, you then become invalid, because your attack on me as racist hate, is misconstrued. Racist? Yes. Hate? Depends on your definition. When I say that I don’t find black females sexy, desirable, attractive, because to me, black women look a lot like black men, both have masculine and ape-like features that I find unappealing. And while I’m defending my position, I will also say that the “content of their character” is uncivil, hateful, vain, and thoroughly disgusting AS A RACE OF PEOPLE. That said “you are reading this from a guy who is a lifelong Steeler fanatic, but I cried the day Walter Payton died. I got love for the Honorable Minister Farrakhan, and I even have a black friend or two. Not close friend, but friend nonetheless. And no, I don’t bother articulating my feelings about black people, so I never feel the need to convey the reasons for my feelings, which I keep private – mostly because I don’t like to make the effort to expound on, and justify, everything that I say.

          • Butch Fenton

            You obviously don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand coherent prose. Your Veracity has already been voided and exposed as political correctness, and you lack the wherewithal to make a reasoned counter argument.
            My proclivity is to avoid hateful babblers, and ignore obvious displays of arrogance from people who might have an abundance of temerity, but lack the adroit ability to articulate anything coherent, and pretend to convey truth.
            I, with my back to the wall, have defended my comments, and done so with great alacrity.
            You sir, jimmy, have resorted to nothing but brash talk and dubious words.
            Now I understand Dr. Jane Goodall’s frustration in trying to communicate with chimps.
            Look at me, I learned something from a chimp.
            “A wise man is a wise man because he can learn something, even from a chimp. A fool is a fool because he can’t learn anything, even from a wise man”.

          • JimV

            There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.

      • Butch Fenton

        Race has nothing to do with physical beauty in your mind, but when I go to the beach and see black girls in bikinis, its grosses me out. Black people look ape-like to me. Sorry, but I can’t sit here and pretend that I don’t perceive it like that.
        There is a big difference between black chimp people and the other races.
        I can see it even with my rose colored glasses on.
        Walk through my white neighborhood any day or night, and take notes.
        Walk through a black neighborhood any day or night, and take notes.
        Walk through an Asian neighborhood any day or night, and take notes.
        Walk through a latino neighborhood any day or night, and take notes.
        Then look at your notes and make [pre-judged ?] conclusions about your observations.
        There is no difference between a poor chimp in the hood and a rich chimp in a mansion – except for the money in hand.

        • Butch Fenton

          When you review your notes and draw your conclusions, ask yourself if you are “prejudging”, stereotyping irrationally, profiling justly, or if you are just a hater.
          Then go to the beach and check out the black girls and white girls, and tell me that the black girls were better, more desirable. And explain why they were there in a bikini.
          Look at a black person with a tattoo, and tell me that you can make out what the tat is. You need a spotlight and image enlarger.
          Study chimp behavior, and then study black behavior, then tell me you don’t see similar behavior.
          You are just a self-righteous liar. You lie to yourself, so you think you can lie to everybody. To thine own self be true.

          • JimV

            You’re insane. Your so-called observations are devoid of any meaning and you can’t call yourself an unbiased observer. If there’s a missing link stomping around, it may very well by you and your manifestation of deep insecurities means that the problems rest with you. From what I gather, you’re physically repulsive and have been shunned and brwbeaten all your life. That makes you a good candidatefor a beard, a woolen hat, and a pipeline job in the Yukon territory

          • Butch Fenton

            You’re delusional and therefore irrational and unreasonable, plus, your veracity had already been found null and void.
            You think that all you have to do is cast aspersions and hurl insults, and your distorted view of reality will become real.
            My veracity is in tact. I said blacks remind me of chimps, and even the women have masculine and ape-like features – IN MY OPINION.
            That is simple truth, not hate.
            If you don’t see the parallels between blacks and apes, and the similarities in behavior, and intelligence, then you are just being dishonest, which goes to your obvious lack of veracity
            When I say blacks this, or blacks that, I’m stereotyping, based on reasonable conclusions, from simple observations.
            I’m not saying “all” blacks look like apes, or act like chimps, and so forth. But 85% of blacks are born to a single mother. And in my opinion, based on observations, with reasonable judgment, 85% of them are applicable to my conclusions.
            I’m not trying to use truth or honesty to be brutal and hurtful, I’m just objecting to the blatant racism in the original article. YOU ARE A RACIST IF YOU EXCLUDE PRETTY WHITE GIRLS JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE, SO YOU CAN BE POLITICALLY CORRECT AND PUT A COUPLE BLACK GIRLS IN THERE.

          • JimV

            Try to learn before you die what you are running from, and to, and why.

          • Butch Fenton

            Okay, I’m impressed a little bit. You my have more insight that I first imagined, but I doubt that I underestimated you.
            Even though your analysis was dead on, it is a very general wise question, but quite clever in its obscurity.
            I am running from death, and running to life [YAH], because I fear for the eternal security of my soul – at least before the run that was the case. Now that I’m finishing the race, I feel good about my place in eternity, because all the money in the world hasn’t tilted the scales in favor of “to be” in answer to the age old question “to be, or not to be”.
            My rational mind thinks “not to be” may be the best option, because there is absolutely no pain in “not to be”. No gain either. No pain, no gain. But if it is the will of YAH that I not perish, and exist with his breath of life forever, I would like to enjoy eternity as much as possible. This is why I abhor political correctness in every form, if I’m alive, I prefer reality too. Maybe its the smiley-faced, bible toting, cross wearing, greedy person who is the real satan.

          • JimV

            You mention PC when my gripe with your comments has been your lack of civility. None of the ways people are labeled in politics, religion, or society are ever basic criteria; instead, we divide ourselves between those who want to control others (classify/ in your case), and those who have no such desire. A community begins to fall apart the moment it decides to abandon one of its members.

  • pinnochio

    cheerleaders – what a waste of oxygen

  • flashlight2222

    hey butch, your real mother is black. the white one that raised you has been lying to you all your pathetic life.

  • MrRob1369

    6, 11, AND 14.