Reggie Bush Pulls Off Insane Madden-Esque Touchdown Run

By Renae Juska


Shawntae Spencer- US PRESSWIRE

Reggie Bush hit beast mode and had the best touchdown run of the day by a long shot.  He somehow managed to hop, skip, and jump his way through all the defenders before scoring his first touchdown of the day.

In the 3rd quarter of the Miami Dolphins vs. Oakland Raiders game, Miami was down by 10-4 until Bush stepped up his game.

He side stepped, somehow managed to keep his balance then broke through three defenders to run the ball 21-yards for a touchdown. He threw the football into the crowd for a lucky fan to go home with.

How he managed to cut back and keep his balance, break through one defender, jump over another and then almost get tripped up yet still keep his balance is just bizarre. Later in the game, Bush ran 65-yards for another touchdown as he pulled off his second “Madden-esque” run of the day.

After joining the Dolphins this season, Bush claimed he wanted to be a top 10-running back and lead the league in rushing yards. Most people sat their and laughed but considering he has rushed 241 yards in two games, it looks like he could theoretically be a top contender for the title.

Bush ended the game with the two touchdowns and rushed 172 yards. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill also completed his first NFL touchdown pass for the Dolphins. They ultimately beat the Raiders 35-13, their first home opener win since 2005.

The Dolphins aren’t a favored team by any means this season but today showed this team has more potential than everyone expected.

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