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Ed Hochuli Has Regular Referees Ready To Return To NFL When Called Upon

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Ed Hochuli might be the most noticeable referee in any sport and not just the NFL. The man with biceps for days is known for having his large arms and long winded rules explanations. However, Ed is doing some great things. He has been keeping the regular refs ready to return action whenever that may be, thanks to weekly conference calls.

“That’s one of the reasons why the officials will be up to date and ready to go,” the officiating source said. “Ed grabbed the bull by the horns and made sure that whenever this thing ended, the regular officials would be ready to go back to work immediately.”

This was actually an incredibly smart thing.  The worst thing for the league, outside of the replacement refs, would be the regular refs coming back and stinking up the joint.  There was always the chance that they could shirk their duty and not stay prepared.  Thankfully, Hochuli took charge of the situation and has been keeping over 100 referees up to date on the rules with his weekly calls.

Not everyone would think to do this, but Hochuli is no ordinary ref.  He enjoys communicating with the fans and a lot of them do enjoy his work.  It might impossible to comprehend fans enjoying the work of a referee but I would argue that he is the most popular ref in the NFL.

If the real refs come back and get the games back on track, I think we all owe Ed a giant hug.