Former Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Pleads Guilty To Sexual Misconduct After Relationship With Student

Gawker Media

At one time in her life, Sarah Jones was best known as being a cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals. Man, those were simpler times. On Monday, Jones reached a plea agreement after being charged with sexual misconduct. She was an English teacher, and people tend to frown on teachers having sexual relationships with students.

During the hearing, Sarah stood in front of judge Patricia Summe and admitted to having a romantic relationship with the victim, which included a “sexual relationship and sexual intercourse”.

Sarah will serve a total of five years probation, and the misdemeanor sexual misconduct charge will stay on her record permanently. She is not required to serve any jail time. As part of the deal, the text messages in case will be sealed. Jones also agreed to never apply for another teaching position.

Sounds like she might have gotten off easy in this situation. Not to be sexist, but I wonder how this would have turned out if it was a male teacher and a female student.  However, that is another argument for a different day.  Let us get back to the situation at hand.

Jones made a mistake, but I guess you could compliment her for sticking to her guns. She is apparently still in a relationship with the kid she was meeting up with while she was teaching him – that is either commendable or downright wacky.

Maybe she can finally leave the headlines for a year or two. Who knew being a cheerleader and a teacher would be such a rough life?

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