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New York Giants Fan Builds $20,000 Replica of Giants Stadium in Garage

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Crazed Fan Makes $20,000 Model of Giants Stadium

Courtesy: Jerry McCrea- The Star Ledger

There are some crazy sports fans out there but there are not many like New Jersey resident Don Martin.

He’s taken his NFL fandom to a whole new level as he recently finished building a $20,000 scaled model replica of the old Giants Stadium to honor his favorite team the New York Giants.

Wow, talk about having a lot of time on your hands.

In fact, it took Martin two years to build the replica of Giants Stadium. It’s not just any replica; it’s an incredibly detailed version of the stadium that was torn down at the end of the 2010 season.

The 75-year old grandfather spent an average of eight hours a day in order to perfect his masterpiece. His model is complete with scaled seats, Giants ring of fame names on the facades and even advertisements on the billboards around the stadium.

The following pictures show just how detailed Martin got in his attempt to recreate the stadium that the Giants played in from 1976-2010. Probably the best part for Martin while recreating the stadium was the fact that he didn’t have any indication that any other team played there (cough, cough Jets) because to him it was only as the name suggests, Giants Stadium.

Being a Denver Broncos fan, I have two mini models of each of their stadiums, Mile High and now Sports Authority Field. I could never imagine spending that much time or money building my own version of either stadium but maybe that’s what retirement does to a person. They go stir crazy and need something to keep them busy.

Some play golf, others build $20,000 model stadiums. To each his own.

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Complete Stadium View

Courtesy: Jerry McCrea- The Star Ledger

If this picture didn't include any background of Martin's garage it could pass for an actual panoramic view of Giants Stadium.

This picture includes almost every seat in the replica and it looks absolutely incredible. Every level of the stadium looks top notch and all of the ins and outs of each level are detailed to perfection.

The time and effort that Martin put into this is amazing and the final product has to be worth it to him.

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Attention to Detail

Courtesy: Jerry McCrea- The Star Ledger

One of the most amazing things about Martin's replica has to be the attention to detail.

He didn't leave anything out and that included the American flags that hung around the stadium. The positioning of the flags is exactly where they were in the actual stadium and Martin made sure he included them in his amazing replica.

The way that each seat, individual level and little things like the American flag were made with such detail is incredible.

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Scaled Field Level

Courtesy: Jerry McCrea- The Star Ledger

The field level of the replica was also made with such attention to detail and each line is an exact scaled measure representing the yard lines.

There's no signs of anything Jets on this bad boy and it's complete with a decked out end-zone in Giants blue. There are end zone pylons, team benches on the sidelines and even little gatorade coolers sitting on tables.

This is another view that could pass of an actual empty Giants stadium if not for Martin standing and towering over his masterpiece.

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Flyover Jets

Courtesy: Jerry McCrea- The Star Ledger

Perhaps the coolest feature of the scaled replica of Giants Stadium is what hangs above it.

Three model fighter jets are dangling over the stadium to represent their weekly fly over during Giants home games. Everyone loves the moment that the jets fly over the stadium as the national anthem is sung and he wanted to make sure he included that in his replica.

Nothing beats the jets flying over the stadium as it is one of the best features of an NFL game day experience and I think Martin was right in including that for his model

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Giants JumboTron

Courtesy: Jerry McCrea- The Star Ledger

What stadium model wouldn't be complete without huge jumbrotrons in the end-zone?

Martin wasn't messing around as it looks like he used flat screen TV's as the replica of the former big screen inside Giants Stadium. The best thing about using actual TV's has to be live, moving pictures that can be shown on the monitors.

Anytime he wants to reminisce about past Giants seasons or Super Bowl wins he can just pop in the DVD and feel like he's inside the stadium again watching his favorite team.