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Stephen Jackson Releases New Rap Song “Lonely At The Top” With Kevin Durant


Stephen Jackson might be one of the first athletes to release a CD that is not totally awful. One of the songs leaked out on Tuesday and features NBA star Kevin Durant. Believe it or not, this song is actually pretty good. I was impressed the first time I gave it a listen:

I know that a lot of athletes try their hand at music and it normally ends up being pretty bad. In this case, these two seem to have a pretty good flow. The lyrics are not out of this world, but the song makes sense. You end up not seeing that in music today, so kudos to these two for coming up with a song like this.

In fact, Jackson’s CD might be worth buying. He has shown that he has some musical talent and he has lined up other players to rap with him. Some might not end up being as good as KD, but I think it would be worth listening to just for fun. If the other songs on the CD end up near this, it would be well worth the money.

Some people might not think Durant was very good on this song, but I came in with low expectations. That meant  I was mildly surprised with how well he sounded. I am sure there is some better songs on the CD, but this was a good start.

If Tim Duncan ends up a song as an after CD release, I think every fan would enjoy this.