Chuck Pagano Gives Inspiring Speech To Indianapolis Colts

By Riley Schmitt

Chuck Pagano is quickly becoming one of the most inspiring figures in all of sports. The Indianapolis Colts coach is battling cancer and the team is rallying around him. They look like they are bound for the playoffs and Pagano surprised the team in the locker room after the game. He then proceed to give one of the best speeches ever.

In sports, there are a lot of things to be cynical about.  If you find something cynical in this speech, there is something wrong with you.  This is a great little speech and it will certainly be inspiring to the team the rest of the way.  I have full confidence that Pagano will beat the disease and return to coaching the team.  In the meantime, they are doing a great job of playing their hearts out while he fights.

The Colts are quickly becoming the feel good story of the season and it is extremely hard to root against them right now.  You can not help but root for this team to make the playoffs and possibly make a run.  It is about more than a game to these guys.  They are fighting for their coach as well.

The Colts are not going to go away this season and I expect them to keep playing well.  Pagano will keep fighting as well and he will probably take more visits to the team.  That is a big thing for motivation and I expect it to push the team to new heights every time.


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