Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin Wants A New Nickname

By Ben Grimaldi
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

During the past few games, Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin has thrown his name next to Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck as the possible rookie of the year. Martin’s 486 yards and six total touchdowns over his last two games has made everyone take notice of just how good this rookie is.

However, no matter how great Martin has been, there is still one thing that Martin can’t change, his nickname. ‘Muscle Hamster’ is the name he was given by the offensive lineman in college at Boise St. and he hates it!

Here’s what he told NFL AM this morning,  “It has to be the worst nickname ever,” Martin said. “I can’t shake it. It started in college, started back in Boise, with our linemen. I have a lot of bigger friends, and they’d call me the Muscle Hamster because of how much I could lift in the weight room.”

While the nickname sounds pretty odd, the logic is sound. Martin is solidly built and his lower leg power seems to help him break tackles with ease and it does look like his feet are going a mile a minute. The problem is Martin doesn’t like the moniker and who can blame him?

I’m guessing at some point in our lives we’ve all been given a ‘fun’ nickname that we don’t care for from someone and Martin has the same problem. I don’t know who’s going to help change his nickname but I’m hoping the Bucs fan base can put their heads together and give Martin a nickname he will like!

I’ll take my shot at it and call him ‘Dougie Dynomite.’

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