Did Testy Philadelphia Eagles Fans Set a Car on Fire in the Parking Lot?

By Bryan Lutz

As we all know by now, the city of Philadelphia has a certain reputation when it comes to their fans. Personally, I don’t have any real problems with Philly fans. I actually enjoy their passion and support booing on most occasions, sans career-ending injuries. But I can’t really support Philadelphia fans burning cars in the parking lot.

After the Philadelphia Eagles lost their fifth straight game of the season against the Dallas Cowboys, fans were pretty unruly in the stadium and apparently before the game they were unruly as well. We can’t really tell much from this picture, outside of the fact something is clearly on fire. One can assume it is a car based on the pictures and the reports coming out of Philadelphia, but who really knows for sure?

There was speculation on the internet that this was a Cowboys fan car, but no one is able to confirm that rumor.

This loss probably cements the future of Andy Reid in Philadelphia. We also probably seen the last of Michael Vick at quarterback due to his concussion that occurred early in the first half.

At least those guys didn’t get their car set on fire, though.

I’m sure more details will come out by the end of the night, which will put a lot of everyone’s speculation to rest.

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