For the Measly Price of $1,950, You Can Play Flag Football With Tiki Barber!

By Jeff Shull

One of the funnier things to watch as NFL players retire is their attempts to do anything to make money or their attempts to keep a grasp on the game they played for a living. Well, Tiki Barber is now doing both.

For just a measly price of $1,950, Urban Daddy users can have the former New York Giants running back join them for a game of flag football. Or, as the site ad indicates, any other specified activity. According to the ad, Barber also specializes in badminton and dodgeball. Talk about reaching new lows; Barber has redefined what rock bottom means.

From the ad:

“You’re getting Tiki Barber—the NY Giants all-time leading rusher and owner of one of the greatest names in the history of names—for your next game of flag football. Or basketball. Or kickball. Or pretty much whatever sport/gentlemanly activity you can think of. Because having a three-time Pro Bowl-er on your team definitely qualifies as a Perk.”

This is for all you who get tired of hearing the guy at flag football talk about how he could have made it as a pro if he didn’t tear his ACL in high school, only to see no scars on his knee under his shorts that are way too short. It’s almost as sure as Barber fumbling at least once in your game. Thanks to the company Perks teaming up with Thuzio, these guys can actually test their mettle against the Giants franchise leader in rushing yards, and once and for all shut up about their high school playing days.

If you’re shutting up the third string fullback from his high school, then I’m all for it. I might even donate to the cause. It is under those circumstances only that you can justify someone coughing up almost two grand for this.

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