The Ten Most Punchable Athletes On The Planet

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Joe Nicholson US PRESSWIRE

In the world of sports, there are some annoying athletes. It comes with the territory. With annoying athletes, you end up wanting to punch some of them. There are plenty of candidates for athletes that deserve a good shot to the face, but I decided to do everyone a favor. I complied a list of the ten athletes that fans would want to swing at. It has nothing to do with how big they are, but it involves other factors.

For instance, some athletes end up with way too much media attention. They may not be the best at their sport, but they dominate the airwaves. If you cannot figure out who this is about, just take a look at the photo above this. It would guide you into the ballpark.

Some athletes have had numerous transgressions off the field. Their personal life could be such a mess that fans end up enraged at them. This has Tiger Woods written all over it. I still think he’s a great golfer, but some people would love to swing at him after his divorce.

Some people will not agree with the athletes on this list and that is the beauty of it. My top ten athletes might not be the same as yours. I have a feeling that a lot of people would agree with some of these choices but not all of them. Let us know in the comments what you think. If you really like this, share it with all your friends.

Without further delay, let us get to the list!

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10. Kyle Busch

Jennifer Stewart US PRESSWIRE

Rowdy Busch is one of the most polarizing drivers in NASCAR. There are a lot of fans that would love to be able to put him in his place.

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9. Nick Swisher

The Star Ledger US PRESSWIRE

Swisher might be one of the biggest bros in sports. That is a good enough reason to punch him. Factor in his ability to annoy the fans of his own team, you have a punchable athlete.

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8. Tiger Woods

Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

I would probably be afraid to swing at Woods, but I bet a lot of women would love the chance. He is not very popular with them anymore.

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7. Jay Cutler


Cutler really deserves a punch from a lot of people. However, he does have a recent concussion. Might need to wait on swinging at him.

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6. Sidney Crosby

Charles LeClaire US PRESSWIRE

Sid the Kid does not have a lot of fans across hockey. A lot call him soft, so I bet they would line up at the chance to try to knock him out (again).

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5. Tyler Hansbrough


Let this man serve as a warning for home-schooling kids. You just might end up with Hansbrough, only the possessor of one the most punchable faces in history.

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4. Tony Romo


Romo could be one of the few people on this list whose own fans wouldn't mind punching him. That is what a lot of mistakes and no playoff success lead to.

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3. Dwight Howard

Russ Isabella US PRESSWIRE

The man who hijacked all of the summer basketball headlines certainly has his enemies. I would wager that a lot of people in the state of Florida would love a chance to punch D12.

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2. Jose Valverde

Anthony Gruppuso US PRESSWIRE

If you can find me a more annoying baseball player, I'm all ears. Nothing is more irritating than watching Valverde take eons between each pitch. A lot of fans, writers, and broadcasters would love a free shot at him.

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1. Tim Tebow

Joe Nicholson US PRESSWIRE

Poor Tebow. He just can't a break. He doesn't get any meaningful playing time, but he gets all the attention in the world. That's why a lot of people would enjoy taking a swing at him.