Amir Johnson Fights With Referee David Jones For The Ball, Gets Ejected

By Riley Schmitt

The Toronto Raptors continue to have one of the strangest seasons on record. They were supposed to threaten for a playoff berth, but they look simply awful on the court. On Monday night, things got even weirder as Amir Johnson was ejected after trying to pull the ball away from referee David Jones. Seriously.

Not only did Johnson get tossed, he ended up throwing his mouthpiece at Jones.  That is going to not end well for Johnson.  Expect a suspension or at the very least, a hefty fine.  That kind of behavior is not tolerated and the league will not be happy with a player trying to show up a ref.

This situation is something that could only happen to the Raptors this year.  They are getting destroyed by almost everyone.  It does not matter if it is a good or a bad team.  The Raptors will find a way to look bad in the process.  You can’t even depend on the draft class next year to help.

That is correct.  The Raptors only keep their first round pick if it is not in the top three draft spots.  The team needs help but the best chance of getting it only has a two in three chance of staying with them.  Those are not odds that feel very comfortable to me, especially with the way this year has gone.

At least this moment was pretty funny.  At this point in the season, all you can do is laugh.  Things will get better, Raptors fans.


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