Jamaal Franklin Throws Down his Own Alley-Oop for Incredible Dunk

By Renae Juska
Source: Cary Edmondson- USA Today

When it comes to the NBA, we always see ridiculous dunks on fast breaks down the court. However, when it comes to college basketball, you never know what to expect. That said, Jamaal Franklin of San Diego State University just proved that college players definitely have some skills.

Franklin kicked this particular gem off with a fast three-on-three break, followed by self-alley-oop, before slamming it in for the dunk.


When you watch the replay in slow motion, it almost looks like it was a jump shot gone awry. That definitely wasn’t the case though, as Franklin was confident of the shot the entire time.

I have to say that this slam-dunk is the best of the season so far, and I’m not sure how easily it will be topped. Needless to say, it was the play of the day on ESPN SportsCenter at the end of the night. It is very likely that we will see Franklin playing in the NBA one day.

After the game, Franklin told reporters “That was just me being myself, A lot of player’s won’t do that, but I’m real thankful my teammates have the confidence in me.” This was very well spoken of Franklin, and it’s good to see players mentioning the rest of the team, even though the attention was on the individual’s outstanding play during the game.

Last season, Franklin was named the Mountain West Player of the Year as a sophomore, and I think this slam-dunk proves that he deserved the title. At this rate, he could easily be up for the title again this year.

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