Caron Butler Blocks Shot Right Into Face of Derek Richardson

By Riley Schmitt

Tuesday night will be a night that Derek Richardson probably remembers for a while. The NBA ref was the victim of a blocked shot. No, he didn’t have his shot blocked, but he did take one right to the face. Yes, Caron Butler spiked a ball that happened to catch Richardson right square in the face.

There is only one thing that came to mind when I saw this replay.  This is a scene straight out of Meet The Parents.  That movie may be a bit old, but Richardson taking the ball to the face reminds me of the volleyball scene from that movie.  Of course, Richardson didn’t break his nose and he isn’t getting married, but still.  Those two instances look awfully similar.

Richardson did a nice job of bouncing right back up after this happened.  Plays like this often sting a bit.  If you get hit in the face, the last thing you want to do is pop right back up and get back to work.  Laying on the ground sounds like a perfect plan after something like this, but Richardson is obviously tougher than I am.  I would have tried to milk that play for a little bit.

You never know what you are going to see during a basketball game.  This is a rare thing to see but that does not make it any less funny.  You have to appreciate the quirks of the game.  Richardson may not be too happy about this one, but I bet he looks back and laughs.

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