Beyonce Beautifully Sings Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl Media Center

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Beyonce was at the Super Bowl Media Center today, and she really did a fantastic job; she certainly got back at all the people who gave her grief over the Inauguration Day thing. Shout-out to Gatorade for a really fantastic day of interviews, videos and photos.

Here is the video below.

My favorite part is when she asks, “anyone questions?” afterwards. That got a big laugh from the crowd, but I unfortunately cut the video out before that.

I will be at the Super Bowl Media Center tomorrow as well, and then over the weekend will be posting photos, audio and video of everything I covered. Will posting Beyonce’s press conference as well sometime during the weekend. Group interviews with Jerry Rice, Mike Ditka and Trent Dilfer will be forthcoming; I also got a chance to sit down one-on-one with two-time Pro Bowler A.J. Green and have audio of that interview as well as video of the group Gatorade Fuel Bar interview with him, along with Russell Wilson.

Tomorrow, group interviews will be happening at the Gatorade Fuel Bar with Eli Manning and Cam Newton, and it is a possibility that I will get to sit down one-on-one with J.J. Watt. My only concern is whether he will be able to fit through the front door of the Media Center.

Stay tuned to Rant Sports for more Super Bowl coverage, and other members of the Rant team will be down here on Saturday as well to cover the game.

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