LeBron James Puts Jason Terry On A Massive Poster

By Riley Schmitt
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Remember how Jason Terry had a very good NBA career? On Monday night, I bet a lot of people forget that after LeBron James dunked all the way over him. Seriously, this is a dunk that makes LeBron so special and it makes the Miami Heat so dangerous to play.


This might be our new dunk of the year.  I know we change that like every two weeks or so but a dunk like this is simply awesome.  Throw in the fact that the best player in the league did it and you have something that is going to be special for a long time.  The only bad thing about it is that LeBron was hit with a really stupid technical foul on it.  By stupid, I mean there was no reason for it to be called.

You are going to see this play time and time again.  There is no reason for sports shows to not run this on a continuous loop for like the next month or so.  I simply can’t stop watching it.  The power of the dunk is incredible and poor Terry is just the guy who happened to be in the way.  When you see a guy like Bron flying towards, you may just want to get out of the way.  Otherwise, things like this are going to happen to you.

This is why the Heat are so dang dangerous.  When plays like this happen, it can crush the soul of a team.  Terry won’t be the last victim of this.

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