San Francisco Giants' Home Run Plaque Honoring Barry Bonds Goes Missing at AT&T Park

By Paul Seaver

In some rather bizarre news from the west coast, it appears that the San Francisco Giants cannot locate Barry Bonds‘ commemorative home run plaque that usually sits within AT&T Park.

According to a Giants’ spokesperson, the Giants are in the process of replacing the plaque, but it appears someone simply ripped it off the wall of the stadium. The strangest thing is that the plaque actually hung on a brick facade inside the ballpark beneath the flag court area in right-center field.Yes, inside the stadium.

According to reports, there is still white glue on the brick wall where the plaque used to hang. The plaque itself commemorates Bonds’ 756 home run which moved him to the top of the all-time list, when he passed Hank Aaron in 2007. Since that moment of accomplishment, Bonds has retired from the game of baseball and has continuously denied the use of performance enhancing drugs and steroids, despite being linked throughout his career.

While the Giants will work to replace the plaque, they obviously need to find the old one given its value to the organization and the history of the stadium. It can obviously be assumed that someone allegedly stole the plaque, so this could eventually become an investigation.

While Bonds’ plaque is missing, so too is his potential berth within the Baseball Hall of Fame. Or, maybe that’s not actually missing, but that would probably depend on the stance you have on with his professional career.

But seriously, who would steal 30 bagged lunches?


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