2013 NFL Draft: “Tharold Simon Day” Still Planned Despite Arrest

By Jeff Everette
Tharold Simon-Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Tharold Simon has to be one of the dumbest NFL Prospects ever. Talk about letting the fame go to your head, Simon was apparently so caught up in his own hype, he saw himself as being above the law and he let his feelings be know. Unfortunately for him, the officer, that he was expressing his beliefs, saw things differently.

According to Channel 3: KATC.comSimon’s car was blocking off a street, which prompted an officer to ask him to move. Allegedly, this is when Simon thought he would enlighten the officer on the fact that he “owned Eunice” (the city where the incident occurred) and that he was going to “buy all these projects” telling the officer that he would then be the former LSU cornerback’s property.

The report goes on to say that Simon cranked his music and spun his tires while backing up in an aggressive manner. What may have put him over the top though was telling the officer that the mayor was behind him and that he could get the officer fired if he wrote the local celebrity a ticket.

The officer apparently was not fazed by Simon’s antics and brought him in for public intimidation, resisting an officer and a noise violation.

This all allegedly took place on the first night of the 2013 NFL Draft, an event that should have been a time of happiness and joy, not handcuffs and bad PR. Simon is number 157 on DraftTek.com’s Big Board, and was projected to be a fourth round section by NFLDraftScout.com. 

To make matters worse, Eunice city officials are holding a ceremony this evening to proclaim today “Tharold Simon Day.”

Seriously! How do you get arrested just before you are about to be drafted into the NFL, and how do you do it the day before a ceremony proclaiming Friday, April 26th as a publicly recognized day in your honor?’

People make mistakes, no big deal. But this goes beyond being just a simple mistake! This borders on some sort of mental deficiency. NFL teams will surely be looking at this guy through a microscope over the next two days.

Somehow, this thing may not end all that bad for Simon, anyways. The city of Eunice is still planning on holding the ceremony (innocent until proven guilty), and he will still probably have his name called at some point this weekend. He will still have to deal with the court system, but it could have been much worse

Hopefully he has learned his lesson here and realizes that no matter how special you think you are, Lady Justice has a way of bringing you back down to earth.

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