Filomena Tobias is the Miami Heat Fan Who Gave Joakim Noah the Middle Finger

By Dan Parzych
(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

By now, just about everybody has seen the photo above of the Miami Heat fan giving Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls the middle finger after he was ejected from Game 2 for arguing with officials. Since the conclusion of last night’s game, the photo has basically gone viral as just about every fan base not associated with the Heat has just been ripping on the female fan giving the middle finger and Heat fans in general for their lack of class.

However, just when you think this story couldn’t get any better–we now know the identity of the fan.

it certainly won’t be easy for her moving forward considering her story is becoming well known across the country as she’s given basketball fans outside of Miami even more of a reason to rip on the Heat.

It’s unfortunate that fans like Filomena Tobias resort to these kinds of actions during a sporting event. Upon incident, she sort of apologized to Joakim for her actions and wants to be left alone. Well, if she “wanted to be left alone”, she shouldn’t be flipping athletes off on national television with millions of people watching.

We haven’t contacted Ms. Tobias in any way shape, or form regarding the event, and we frankly don’t care.

Learn some class, Ms. Tobias. Maybe then “people” will leave you alone- we’ll at least continue to honor your request because frankly- you no longer are important (unless you of course go to a Marlins game with a sign of a middle finger directed at Justin Upton). Best of luck.

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