Alabama Crimson Tide Show Arrogance By Auctioning Off Shattered Trophy

By Devin O'Barr
Nick Saban with BCS Trophy
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When news first broke that the Alabama Crimson Tide‘s BCS Trophy from 2011 had shattered, my initial emotions were happiness and joy considering the Tide’s profusely arrogant ways. My only upset lies in the fact that all of the program’s football titles didn’t fall to the ground in the same fashion.

Okay, my rage has calmed, but seriously who sells a broken trophy for $105K!

Rather than take the professional route and sweep the glass up and put it in a waste bucket, the Tide saw an avenue to make money and they did. Dominating the SEC earns you respect, however when you arrogantly sell a useless trophy just to turn around and illegally pay your players with the proceeds, all of that aforementioned respect goes flying out of the window.

The Most Valuable Players of the Crimson Tide’s fantastic team in 2011 actually wasn’t a player at all as Carleton Tinker, the father of former Tide longsnapper Carson Tinker, was the one who mishandled the shiny trophy resulting in the gorgeous mess.

All jokes aside, the barrage of championships that Nick Saban has brought to Tuscaloosa is nothing to scoff at — even if the head coach is called “the Devil” by his colleagues. Saban is one of the biggest cowards in NCAAF for what he did to the Miami Dolphins, but hey, you recruit a couple of NFL All-Pros and all of that is forgotten, right? Teams like the Tide are not good for the collegiate level, especially when their wins are likely to be yanked in a few years due to illegal recruiting anyway.

For now, the Tide can continue to pull stunts like the broken trophy fiasco as they are still the champions of college football.

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