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10 MLB Ballparks Every Fan Should Visit

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Which Ballparks Make the List?

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There are fans everywhere that have their favorite stadium around baseball. It could be an old stadium or one that was just built. I think there are ten ballparks in particular that fans must visit at one point or another during their lives. There is just something about these places in my opinion that make them stadiums you must go to.

There are going to be the normal favorites of everyone on this list but the order of them may surprise some people. I have been a baseball fan for my entire life and, in all honesty, have sat around watching more games than someone should be watching. You see different places on the television and you know that you have to go there. It is just the aura of how the place looks or the atmosphere around it that makes it a vacation destination.

I hope that you have the chance to go to all of their ballparks before they are gone. I’m sure that it is possible that a couple of them won’t be around in 20 or 30 years so it is a chance now while the children are young to take a road trip. I know that the top one on this list is the one that I would be going to all the time if I could and I still try to go as often as possible. There are a few very nice ballparks along the way that I skipped but I tried to narrow this down as much as possible. Here is my list of the ten MLB ballparks that fans must visit.

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10. Comerica Park, Detroit

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Detroit may not be the best city for a number of reasons but this place shines above a lot of what is going on. The view of downtown is great and makes for a wonderful baseball experience.

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9. Busch Stadium, St. Louis

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There is a lot of tradition in and around St. Louis with the organization. You can visit the Stan Musial statue and remember one of the greatest hitters ever.

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8. Angel Stadium, Anaheim

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The “Big A” has its rock formations beyond the fence which makes it very unique and special to this fan.

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7. Turner Field, Atlanta

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The old Olympic stadium in Atlanta has its charms and the fact that you can be in a stadium where Olympians were sounds like a great plan. It doesn’t hurt when the Braves are good either.

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6. PNC Park, Pittsburgh

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The view overlooking downtown Pittsburgh is worth the price of admission right there. It doesn’t hurt that the stadium never seems full. You can come into town and catch a matinee with great seats.

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5. Camden Yards, Baltimore

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The first of the new old-school ballparks and it is honestly the best one in my opinion. You got the warehouse beyond right field which Ken Griffey, Jr. hit during a Home Run Derby.

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4. Yankee Stadium, New York

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It may be a new Yankee Stadium but the history and tradition lives on from the old ballpark. It’s the place to go to take kids on a history lesson.

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3. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

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The idea of having Vin Scully in the same ballpark sends chills down a lot of people’s spines. It’s big, beautiful and likely isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

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2. Fenway Park, Boston

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This is the oldest stadium in MLB turning 100 years old this season. The Green Monster is loved by most but adds a special element to the game.

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1. Wrigley Field, Chicago

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There is just something special about Wrigley. It could be the rooftops or the consistent wind blowing off Lake Michigan or even the ivy-covered brick walls. It is just magic walking in there.