10 NFL Stadiums That Should Host a Super Bowl

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Which Stadiums Make the Cut?

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The NFL announced the sites for Super Bowl L and LI on Tuesday as the San Francisco area will get the 50th anniversary game while Houston will host the following year. It got me to thinking about what other places should be made sites for the Super Bowl going forward. It isn’t fair that only stadiums in the south and west or ones that have domes get considered for the game. I have compiled a list of the top ten NFL stadiums that should get the Super Bowl.

I thought that the game was played on cold, snowy days in the wintertime. That is obviously not the case in deciding where the biggest game of the season is played. You don’t see playoff games get moved to warmer places just because a snowstorm is moving in. I don’t understand why we haven’t had a cold weather game. We will get this after the 2013 season when Super Bowl XLVIII is played at MetLife Stadium on Feb 2, 2014. It will be a true test to see if a cold weather game can happen.

I safely assume that if the New York experience works out, we will see other cities get a chance at the big game in the coming years. It may take until Super Bowl LV for it to happen but I think we will see it sooner than later. I’m sure there are other places that would work as well for a Super Bowl game but I tried to focus on the ten best locations. Here is my list of the top ten stadiums that deserve to host a Super Bowl.

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10. Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati

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If the game were to be moved outside of warm weather sites, why not give Cincinnati a shot? It is newer and has enough seats to fit everyone that the league would want there. It would be something different for sure.

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9. Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City

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Here is a Midwestern stadium that would be perfect for the game. It can seat over 76,000 people and would be a welcoming place that just saw a baseball All-Star Game last year.

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8. Heinz Field, Pittsburgh

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I like the idea of a Super Bowl being played in Pittsburgh. There is just something to that idea. You can bring back a lot of memories of victories for their hometown team in the process and have a great game as well.

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7. Gillette Stadium, New England

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Some of the biggest playoff games in recent years have been in this stadium. If they can play a Super Bowl just down the road in New York, why not have it in New England?

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6. FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland

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There is a lot of tradition of football there in Cleveland and the economy there could use a boost just like everywhere else. It would at least bring a Super Bowl to town.

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5. Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver

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A newer stadium in Denver that should have got a Super Bowl as soon as it opened because of promises made to them. This one could be affected by weather too but why not give it a shot?

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4. CenturyLink Field, Seattle

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Seattle may be known for rainy conditions a lot of the time but the noise in that building makes me want a Super Bowl there. The advertisers may not want a rainy Super Bowl but we have seen it before.

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3. Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo

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The chances of some lake-effect snow always will come into play in Buffalo. However, for a city that saw their team go to four straight Super Bowls in the 1990s, I think they would support having the big game.

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2. Soldier Field, Chicago

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The tourism in Chicago would support this working even if there was a blizzard in town. It may be hard to pull off because the date of the next Super Bowl. February 2 is also the same date as the city’s 21-inch snowstorm from 2011.

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1. Lambeau Field, Green Bay

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This one is almost too obvious. How can the greatest game in the sport not be played in this iconic stadium at least once? Who knows if you head up with another Ice Bowl in the process?

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  • anon

    green bay doesnt have the hotel capacity for a super bowl

  • Walter Nata

    Absolutely the most asinine article regarding Super Bowl venues EVER . Who wouldwant to go to those places in late January or Early February? NO ONE, well maybe eskimos who have 40 words for ‘snow’. Plus most of those stadiums are just plain bad, like Paul Brown in Cinnci, the place is a dump.
    Think about it, your team just made it to the big game, you shell out anywhere from $2000 -$10,000 for A SINGLE TICKET, and you book a flight to… Cleveland? Please.
    The Super Bowl is supposed to be about the two best teams competing on a neutral field, that’s why it’s in a nice climate, or dome, so the weather won’t interfere, and in cities that have sufficient attractions for the visitors to make the trip special. This year’s New York / New Jersey attempt has a 50-50 shot at being a major disaster and a serious black eye for the NFL. If it flops there’s a good chance a permanent Southern / West Coast rotation may well be arranged.

    • Mr 561

      Whats dumpy about Paul Brown stadium? Have you actually been there I am a season ticket holder and while I agree unfortunately Cincinnati isnt the right place for a Super Bowl I can assure you our facility isnt dumpy. Its tough to take the word of a guy in a corny t shirt and cheap sunglasses anyway.

      • Walter Nata

        Been to Paul Brown Stadium Three times, and while I love the Out doors aspect, the facility is just simply OLD. It needs help badly and if that’s in the seating and concourse areas, I cringe to think about the player areas.
        P.S. If YOU want to be taken seriously, lay off the cheap shots regarding anything but the topic. It merely illustrates your lack of subject knowledge and will make you seem like a ten year old. Sort of like questioning your wanna be military garb

        • Mr 561

          Wow Way to fail at the internet. That is Buster from Arrested Development. HAHAHAHA. Im sorry dude but you look like you shop at walmart. Im a mod at sescoops.com and I look way more fresh. Maybe save some of your money on tickets and buy some clothes. You like like Ben Roethlisberger dressed you.

  • Michael Loken

    Super Bowl in Lambeau would not work. There isn’t enough hotel rooms and too small of city. I would be just fine with NFC championships thou.

  • Jeff Mueller

    Who cares about hotels and crap? I believe the article was about the stadiums. And seeing one in Lambeau Field would make any true football fan drool! And so what if it’s cold? Same thing, a true football fan would go see the biggest game of the year anywhere!

    • Larry Devore

      Guess they forgot about the Packers-Cowboys game back in the 60′s. Or Vikings games out in the cold.

  • Edward McKinney Shipp

    This doesn’t list the one cold-weather with a real shot at getting a Super Bowl (much as they should – I would much rather see see Miami and Atlanta slog it out in a blizzard in Buffalo than have Denver and Green Bay chill in San Diego): FedEx Field. Even if it works, this Super Bowl is basically a one-off for the sake of bringing the party to New York, and the only other place they would see a point to do that is Washington – not a lot of celebrities to be seen and Fortune 500s to hook up with in Cleveland, and not a lot of political bigwigs to schmooze with in Kansas City.

  • Bob Rhodes

    It hardly rains in Seattle in Feb! It’s the driest winter month here!! Seattle should have a Super Bowl!