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10 Sports Personalities Who Need to Go Away

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Who Makes The List?

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There are times where people like myself turn on the television to watch sports coverage and find ourselves irritated to no end by who is on the screen. I have put together a list of ten sports personalities who need to go away as soon as possible. These are the type of people who make watching sports not enjoyable at all.

If you watch enough sports, you will notice that many of those people come from the ranks of ESPN. The network has been making layoffs lately, and while I wish no harm on anyone, part of me wishes that some of these people would have gotten the ax. There is a wide range of people on this list, but as you read, you will discover a clear trend developing on who ultimately ended up in this dubious top ten. I want to be able to turn on the TV to relax for a while and not be mad within 15 seconds.

I’m sure that some of these people are favorites of other fans out there because of their honesty. That is perfectly fine as we can agree to disagree on those people. I bet there will be at least one name somewhere on this list that all of us fans can agree on in one form or another though. I’m sure you have your own suggestions as well which you should voice. I say we have waited long enough to get this started so let’s begin the list of sports personalities who can go away as soon as possible.

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10. Mike Tirico

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There can be a lot said about Tirico. He seems to cover every sport out there and does it well for the most part, but I sense a little bit of “I’m better than all of you” in his voice. It makes me turn the channel immediately which means no Monday Night Football for me.

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9. Don Cherry

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This will make the Canadian fans either very happy or quite upset. Cherry is the best guy out there in all honesty talking about hockey during a pregame, but his color scheme is going to ruin my eyes one day.

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8. Mike Milbury

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Milbury has been one of the most outspoken former coaches ever. He has his perch on NBC for their NHL coverage, and while he can say what he wants, his style is way too abrasive. I’m sure another coach would be better.

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7. Pierre McGuire

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Does anyone really want to hear what McGuire has to say while he stands there between the two benches? I could care less what the players are babbling about to each other. It seems like there is too much focus on him as well from the networks.

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6. Shannon Sharpe

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Sharpe had one of the biggest mouths in the NFL when he was playing and it just keeps going now at his job with CBS. There is room to be critical of players, but I have never liked how Sharpe goes about it.

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5. Cris Carter

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There are some very arrogant former professional players out there, and Carter would make the list of those people. While he was a great player in his time, there are just some people who are best not to be on TV.

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4. Johnny Miller

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Miller may be a major champion, but his antics and comments in the golf booth these days are going over the line. He is probably the best analyst on television still, but I could go for a little less of him if I’m going to watch a major tournament.

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3. Skip Bayless & Stephen A. Smith

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The lynchpins of ESPN’s “First Take” are these two. Everyone loves a good sports argument, but there is a different level that Bayless and Smith go to. I used to like watching First Take but just can’t do it anymore.

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2. Stuart Scott

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The king of “Boo-Ya” easily makes this list. I understand the medical problems he is going through and all of that, but I just can’t stand listening to him. He is an ESPN personality who would be best somewhere else away from the television.

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1. Chris Berman

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Berman has been with ESPN from the start, but his act is wearing thin. We don’t need to be seeing him at every big sporting event anymore. The catch phrases are old and wore out as well. It’s time to retire, Berman.