15 Athletes We All Wish Would Just Go Away

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You Either Love'em or Hate'em

Source: Matt Cashore- USA Today Sports

Some athletes just need to disappear from the face of the earth. It’d be nice to see them leave forever, but even a couple of months, or maybe a couple of years would be nice. These guys are always in the media, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for bad.

Even though these are some of the most talented players in sports, their attitudes and behaviors are highly unnecessary. These guys start brawls, do drugs, hate on other players and typically have a cocky attitude because they think that they are the best.

Now, I pictured Manti Te’o above. Due to the fake girlfriend hoax, a lot of people hate this guy. In all honesty, he never did anything wrong, he just got “catfished” really bad. It’s not his fault, but he is highly criticized due to the situation. He was a great player and Notre Dame wouldn’t have made it to the BCS Championship game without him. Hopefully he can prove himself as a good player for the San Diego Chargers this upcoming season.

Many of these guys have made it on a list of “most hated athletes” within the last couple of years. In a way, some of these guys are athletes that we love to hate. We love seeing them mess-up and we love cheering against them.

Then again, without these guys, where would our entertainment be? Thanks to their poor decisions, we can always get a good laugh. Take a look at the 15 athletes that we wish would disappear, Enjoy!

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Tim Tebow

Source: Joe Nicholson- USA Today Sports

The guy has his own signature stance that everyone mimics, thats enough to make me say that we could live without Tebow in our lives. When it comes to the way he plays the game, Tebow honestly isn't an ideal quarterback. He's not accurate, has bad reads and never makes long throws. Tebow hasn't even lasted an entire season as a starting quarterback. He was an intelligent kid in high school and college but I think we would live without hearing the name Tebow in the news.

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Plaxico Burress

Source: The Star Ledger- USA Today Sports

That's right, this is the guy that accidentally shot himself in the leg and then had to spend two years in prison. He's not exactly the "brightest" one of the bunch. As for his football career, it's not exactly outstanding. He's been with four different teams since 2000, but had to take 2008-2011 off to serve his prison sentence. Burress got the Comeback Player of the Year Award but his stats honestly weren't that impressive.

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Ndamukong Suh

Source: Andrew Weber- USA Today Sports

Suh is one of the biggest bullies in the NFL, some even refer to him as a thug. He's been fined and suspended multiple times due to his dirty style of play on the field. The funny part about this is the fact that everyone loved him when he first began his career in the NFL.

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Terrell Owens

Source: Joe Nicholson- USA Today Sports

T.O. and his media attention is honestly just annoying. He's been pretty self-centered and immature, especially on the field. Owens is known for getting in fights with coaches and fellow teammates, proving that he cares about himself and nobody else. Then he came out with The T.O. show which was supposed to show how he was re-evaluating his life and the show was a complete bust.

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Lance Armstrong

Source: Presse Sports- USA Today Sports

Where do I even begin with Lance Armstrong? I was always a Livestrong support but this guy ruined his own foundation. He was accused of doping and had all of his titles revoked, that's pretty intense. When he admitted to doping in an interview with Oprah, we didn't exactly get the impression that he was sorry for his actions. In fact, he kind of bragged about the drug use.

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Kurt Busch

Source: Jerry Lai- USA Today Sports

I don't watch NASCAR but I know many people hate this guy. He's arrogant and has a temper, and has had multiple feuds with teammates and reporters. Busch is one of the top racers but he is also an aggressive drive so you don't want to start a fight with this guy. He's even been threatened to be banned from certain divisions. It's an unpopular sport and this guy isn't sportsman-like so he can definitely disappear.

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Tiger Woods

Source: Michael Madrid- USA Today Sports

Tiger is the richest athlete that is still active, he doesn't need anymore money. People say that golf "isn't a sport" and that he shouldn't be making that much money. As a golfer myself, I know it is not as easy as it looks. But Tiger cheated on his wife with porn stars and that is just not okay. He shows a great attitude when he wins, but can turn into a poor loser when he doesn't place first. Between rehab and family issues, I think it's safe to say that we don't need to hear about anymore of Tiger's problems.

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LeBron James

Source: Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

He may call himself the "King" but half of the nation hates him. If it weren't for the other members of the Miami Heat, LeBron may not have a championship under his belt. He has helped the Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers organizations because they are gaining back their bandwagon fans. The only credit that I can give LeBron is the fact that he has kept his nose clean with the law and hasn't been busted with drugs. You either love him or hate him, there is no in-between.

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Tony Romo

Source: Matthew Emmons- USA Today Sports

Considering this guy came from a not-so-big college, Eastern Illinois University, he's done pretty damn good in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most hated teams in football so he was already off to a bad start when he began his professional career. Romo has been known for choking in the fourth quarter and then having a meltdown. It's not something that we want to see athletes doing.

Off the field, Romo is almost too quiet. Besides dating female celebrities, this guy stays pretty much out of sight. I give him credit for staying out of trouble, but I feel like football wouldn't be much different if he didn't make it into the NFL.

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Alex Rodriguez

Source: Brad Penner- USA Today Sports

He may be one of the best players in history of baseball, but that doesn't mean we can't hate him. In 2001, he signed the largest contract in the history of MLB with the Texas Rangers. As if people didn't hate him already, he was traded to the New York Yankees in 2004, one of the most hated teams in all of baseball. At this point, Rodriguez was losing his talent and wasn't helping the Yankees in clutch games. Now he is dealing with the PED scandal, which is making baseball fans hate him even more. Better yet, Rodriguez doesn't plan on retiring anytime soon. What do you think his next scandal will be? It's hard to tell.

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Albert Pujols

Source: Joe Nicholson- USA Today Sports

I hate the St.Louis Cardinals, but I have to agree that Pujols going to the Los Angeles Angels was a stupid decision on his part. Cardinal fans loved him, and he was making a pretty decent salary. He basically took the money and ran, he didn't seem to care about his team at all. It just seems like a pretty greedy move for a guy that had just helped his team win the World Series. He's not one of the most hated players in sports, but he is definitely one that is "in it for the money" in my opinion.

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Kobe Bryant

Source: Jayne Kamin Oncea- USA Today Sports

You love Kobe, or you hate him. Personally, I hate him. Yes, he is one of the top players in the NBA but that doesn't mean I have to like him. He's not one of the "entertaining" players that we see dancing on the court, in fact, he never looks like he is having fun. Then there is the alleged rape case, and game seven in 2009 against the Phoenix Suns where he just gave up. There's not that many reasons to hate, but I wouldn't complain if he retired.

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Michael Vick

Source: Eric Hartline- USA Today Sports

First of all, this guy spent 18 months in prison for having a dogfighting ring. Americans love their dogs, so he was immediately put on the radar for being one of the most hated athletes. Vick tried to come out in public to inform kids about the dangers of animal cruelty but when Vick held a birthday party for himself at a club, things got a little out of control. No animals were harmed, but one of his fellow ring-buddies was shot immediately after leaving the club. Vick wasn't involved but it didn't help his diminishing reputation.

This was just the beginning of his issues. He was also fined $10,000 by the NFL for throwing out the double middle-finger, allegedly used PEDS and even went under the name "Ron Mexico" at health clinics so that nobody would know he had herpes. After three years off from the NFL, Vick attempted to make a comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles fans forgave him for his mistakes but he didn't exactly help the team get anywhere; his athleticism had diminished along with his reputation.

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Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)

Source: Gary A. Vasquez- USA Today Sports

First of all, Artest legally changed his name to Metta World Peace in 2011. He claims that his changed is name to inspire youth from around the world to get together. I think it was just a publicity stunt. But Artest's most infamous stunt happened on November 19, 2004 against the Detroit Pistons. Rather than trying to explain what Artest did, I'll just let you watch for yourself.

Note, Artest is not the one who originally started the fight, Ben Wallace of the Pistons was the one that shoved him. At the 1:50 mark, you'll notice that Artest is chilling on the score table, trying to calm down. Then at 1:57, he goes crazy. We don't need these types of actions from athletes considering they are supposed to be "role models" for today's youth. To this day, Artest holds the longest suspension in NBA history, a total of 86 games.

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Jay Cutler

Source: Brace Hemmelgarn- USA Today Sports

I'm a Chicago Bears fan, but I am willing to admit the fact that a ton of people hate Jay Cutler. He never seems to show emotion which makes NFL fans second-guess his intentions for his team. Bears fans even went through a phase of hatred when he was consistently being sacked multiple times during every game.

I think fans took their "final stand" with Cutler when he pulled himself out of the game during the 2011 playoffs. Rumor is that he also doesn't leave tips at restaurants, so even waiters hate seating him. Although his statistics were better this past season, I think everyone would benefit from Cutler disappearing for a while.