Miami Heat Forward LeBron James Hiring College Students For Internship Program

By Dan Parzych
(Steve Mitchell/USA Today Sports)

Here’s an opportunity that would have been awesome to take advantage of during my college days–LeBron James of the Miami Heat is looking for interns to work for him.

That’s right, college students can now apply for the internship program at if they are interested in working with online content development and digital sports marketing. The best part is–internships are available through the summer, fall, and spring semester.

It’s one thing to have an impressive company on your resume when it comes to previous employers, but to be able to say you interned for King James? That will most likely land you a job without any problems when the time does come to begin the job search after college.

Even if it’s unpaid, this is one heck of an opportunity for just about any college student–so anyone interested should certainly check out James’ website to see if they’re truly interested with the program. Think about it–how cool would it be to brag to your friends that part of your college experience consisted of working for James and his website?

Who knows–maybe the interns will be lucky enough to hear from James as well during their internship.

As for James and his main job responsibility, the Heat are preparing for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals after losing Game 4 to the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday. Miami has been considered the favorites for most of the postseason, but Indiana has given them a run for their money in this series and anything can happen at this point–which is why the rest of this series will be fun to watch.

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