Jimmy Kimmel Has Rudy Gay and Kris Humphries Participate in 'Scavenger Hunt'

By Dan Parzych
(Rudy Gay)
(Jesse Johnson/USA Today Sports)

With the 2013 NBA Finals underway and being broadcasted on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel has been lucky enough to provide additional coverage for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Over the first two games, Kimmel has taken advantage of the opportunity for extra exposure by performing some of his classic segments with current NBA players and Rudy Gay of the Toronto Raptors and Kris Humphries of the Brooklyn Nets were two of the latest contestants to participate in Kimmel’s famous “Scavenge Hunt.”

Kimmel decided to perform an NBA edition of his Scavenger Hunt segment in honor of the NBA Finals with the two stars and as expected–it was quite hilarious once again. For those of you unfamiliar with the segment, the name basically speaks for itself as Kimmel will send these two participants to find random objects in their house as they are participating via Skype–which is always entertaining to witness.

One of the funniest parts from this segment is when Kimmel asked Gay and Humphries to come back with an item in their house (even though Gay was at his mom’s place) worth more than $10,000. While Gay came back with the keys to his car, Humphries apparently couldn’t find anything in time and decided to just have fun with it by bringing back a jockstrap.

Well done on Kimmel’s end for coming up with another hilarious segment featuring these two NBA stars and it will certainly be fun to see what the popular late-night talk show host has in store for Game 3 on Tuesday night.

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